tips on reading the Malady card


The first image MALADY is from my black and white Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten and the other images SWEETHEART, ENEMY and MERRIMENT are from the Piatnik deck.  It seems more and more people are getting the 2nd or even 3rd round of illness which includes headaches, coughing, stuffiness and fatigue.

How sick are you?


The Malady card implies illness of sorts. Often people take advantage of this condition to avoid other things in their life. Sometimes problems become overwhelming and you put yourself in such a weakened state that you get sick or run down.  Many times the lack of well-being is the Universe’s way of telling you to stop doing for others and to look after yourself. If you aren’t OK how can you possibly be of good assistance to anyone else.

If you get this duo in your reading and you are a female most likely it’s you that will experience some sort of sickness. If you are a male getting the reading and this duo shows up particularly in the full board (36 cards) a special female in your life could become ill.  It is good practice to study the following cards to see if the recovery will be quick or linger on.  For example:


Should the ENEMY card follow with no other cards in the row the illness is not as simple as it looks. It could develop into something else.  Take good care of yourself and get plenty of R & R.  The virus which is going around in many parts of the world starts out as a simple cold and develops into flu-like symptoms which can knock you off your feet for a few days. The virus is the enemy of your well-being.23 MERRIMENT MERRIMENT is the card you would want to see in combination to Malady & Sweetheart. If this card follows the Sweetheart card your experience (if female) of some illness or virus will probably be short-term.  The energy level comes back quickly and recovery is faster.  If you are a male, it is good to know that the special lady won’t be down for the count a long time. Merriment brings celebration to regaining your well-being. 

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