Lenormand Clover House exercise

The image above is a beautiful 4 leaf clover that my mom found in the back lawn of her home. Often I would go clover hunting with my parents to see who found one first. This experience was lots of fun.

My mom would place the clover inside a book and proceed to dry it.  It dried quickly since the clover was no longer attached to the soil for nourishment.  

Whenever a Lenormand card falls into the Clover House the influence is quick.  Many Cartomancers read the Clover card to mean little luck. Little luck is small luck.  Brief time is little time.  Little luck is brief time. Lucky streaks don’t last forever.

Before I get into the next section of this post I want to clarify that all Lenormand cards can be good/bad or positive/negative it all depends in which context you are reading them.  What about the neutral cards?

There are a few exercises below to illustrate the interpretation process of determining what kind of luck is being indicated. With many cards little luck is not applicable and you would use keywords such as quick, short-term or brief.

Good or Positive Lenormand cards in the Clover House

Fish – very good luck about money

Book – good luck about knowledge

Anchor – good luck about work

Dog – very good luck in having a friend

Bad or Negative Lenormand cards in the Clover House

Scythe – bad luck for a short time

Coffin – bad luck endured

Mountain – bad luck in the way

Clouds – back luck passing

Neutral Lenormand cards in the Clover House

Letter – express information with no indication of good or bad

Rider – quick arrival of news not sure if good or bad

Stork – fast changes probably good

Ring – short-term commitment or repetition of cycle, good or bad?



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