Understanding Tarot Wand & Cup Ace

I am honoured to be a lifelong student of Tarot Divination rooted in Qabalistic Teachings. No matter how long you have studied Tarot you won’t know it all. 78 lifetimes of study. But you will know something. There is much controversy on whose system is right. I don’t think it matters who you follow as long as you are consistent in your understanding of the 4 Worlds of the Minor Arcana. There is more of a unified comprehension of the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana is experienced through the 4 Worlds or Suits. This is very important to know.

Tarot Readers differ in their understanding of the 4 Worlds namely Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. There is definitely a lack of agreement in the assignment of “Energy”  in correspondence to the Suits.

Today’s post is about the 2 Aces belonging to these Suits. Ace of Wands and Ace of Cups. You may find it helpful and you may not. It all depends on how rigidly you memorized those first few books you read on the Tarot. What you should note is that the author who wrote those books was merely giving you “their perception” as I am, writing this post. Each book is built upon the previous book. We all build upon each other’s work. We are all students of the Tarot. Yes, we can teach workshops or mentor others but I think our Cartomancy forefathers and foremothers were the true Masters.



The Ace of Wands is the birth of the fire element. Here we find energy to initiate. We get things started. With each start there is a powerful energy. You cannot see the results yet. It’s just the beginning. You can accomplish a lot with the Ace of Wands if you learn to channel it’s energy towards a goal otherwise the energy will fizzle out. Just like a real fire the Ace of Wands needs to be rekindled should you lose your initial drive.  Great things are possible when the Ace of Wands falls in your layout especially in future spots. If it falls in the past examine what became of the fire energy.


The Ace of Cups  is the birth of the water element. Here we find the beginning of emotional energy. Water is very powerful and so are our feelings. The Ace of Cups is the nurturer. The potential of a great love awaits you. As with the Ace of Wands you need to channel this energy by guiding it. You need to learn how to contain it so that it doesn’t spill all over the place or create substantial waves which damage.  When you see this card in a layout you should get a good feeling but remember to keep your intention pure so that you do not contaminate the energy.

Example: Let’s suppose you did a 2 card draw and selected the Major Arcana Death card and Ace of Cups. After you initial reaction to the Death card subsides you remember some keywords like transformation, change or termination. You know the Ace of Cups is the beginning of an emotion. It can be the birth of a totally different feeling as a reaction to what the Death card represents. Most likely you know what it is after you think about it for a while. This combination is good.  If you drew a 3rd card for clarification and it was another Major Arcana then your message is something which you will need to learn which involves your feelings.  If the 3rd card selected is a Minor Arcana what suit is it? Is it a Court Card? Let’s assume it is the 4 of Wands. We already know Wands is fire energy. Your new emotion will be exciting and experienced through the meaning of the 4 of Wands.  The #4 is stability. It is a card of success.  

In this trio example, the transformation influence of the Death card will affect your emotions and result in guided distribution leading to more self-control. How did you understand this trio?

4 thoughts on “Understanding Tarot Wand & Cup Ace

  1. Hi
    I would interpret the death card as a situation or person coming back into the querents life from the past. This time The Ace of Cups shows this energy will bring about positive emotional changes and a new beginning which is likely to lead to stability and happiness especially around the home and relationships.


  2. Question: What are his long term intentions with me?

    My feelings/knight of pentacles
    Relationship foundation/ace of cups [R]
    His feelings/nine of wands [R]
    My needs/the fool
    Combined needs/page of swords
    His needs/the star
    My expectations/six of cups
    Combined expectations/the hierophant[R]
    His expectations/ten of cups [R]
    Future of relationship/justice

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