Understanding Tarot Sword & Pentacle Ace

In continuation with the Ace of Swords and Ace of Pentacles.  I want to mention that when you go through each Suit or World of the Minor Arcana you experience all the steps to the finalization of that particular element.  A brief understanding of traditional Hebrew Alphabet, Astrology & Numerology is helpful when studying the Tarot. Fortune telling using Sibilla style cards requires a different mind-set. There is no complex system such as with the Sacred Tarot. Gossip cards are just that … chit-chat info which is not to say that predictions won’t manifest because they do somewhere in the midst of all the information transmitted. It’s up to the Cartomancer to decipher & narrow down the meanings. I love Tarot Divination and I am passionate about traditional fortune-telling.


The Ace of Swords is the birth of the air element. In this World or Suit we find mental energy. Much of our pain and suffering is in our mind or how we “think” about certain situations.  With each start there is a powerful energy as with all the Aces. Take heed in how you apply this particular force. What you think can become your reality. The Swords suit is very similar to the Spades playing cards but not as “bad” as traditional meanings of the Spades. The Swords work well with other Wands but present combination challenges with Cups and Pentacles. Amazing things are possible when the Ace of Swords falls in your layout. You can set high goals. The question is though, will you follow through with this “thinking” energy. 


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The Ace of Pentacles  is the birth of the earth element. Here we find the start of results. The Earth energy rules our body as well as all that is on the material plane. Things you can usually touch. The Ace of Pentacles promises finances as does the Diamonds playing card suit. There is a good possibility you will achieve results and have something to show for it. Within this World we experience the “reaping of what you sow”. As with all the Aces you need to channel this particular energy by working with it. If you apply no physical energy the results will be minimal or lost. Physical work requires planning, passion and action. When you see this card in a layout you know all is possible if you plan, maintain passion and act on the energy. Gain is the ultimate result.

Example: Let’s suppose you selected the Major Arcana Death card again (as in the last example) and the Ace of Pentacles. A common reaction would be money coming from a death. You know the keywords like transformation, change, termination or release. You know the Ace of Pentacles is the beginning of some gain. Will you have to earn it? This particular combination would be a welcome change because you will benefit from it.  If you drew a 3rd card for clarification and it was the Minor Arcana 9 of Cups you should realize that  the fulfillment of an emotional situation will be involved. #9 is completion. It is a card of wishes granted but at what cost?  Was there a trade-off? Did you lose something or someone in the process?

In this trio example, the transformational influence of the Death card will affect your tangible world and result in satisfaction. You cannot experience your emotions any higher.  You could be asking yourself, “is that all there is”? 

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