introducing the Alphabet for Lovers cards

I am really looking forward to receiving the “Alphabet for Lovers” deck of 72 cards plus detailed Interpretation booklet before Valentine’s Day so that I can offer a Love Reading post. I already know of at least half a dozen people who are interested in getting a reading. I am excited about writing a Review as soon as the deck comes in the mail. Also, I will blog about a couple of people’s situations  to share with you what we discover during the cartomancy process. alphabetforLovers

I am particularly interested in this system because it is based on the Kabbalah and the 22 Hebrew letters (Tarot Major Arcana). There are so many questions about love, relationships and intimate partnerships these days. Actually, this topic is one of the main things people have asked about for centuries.

The Heart Shaped cards can be seen at the following link.

——> review May 25, 2015 ALPHABET FOR LOVERS

——-> ILLUSTRATION of a Reading Feb 14, 2013

 My profound thanks to Orna Ben-Shoshan for her generous heart.

2 thoughts on “introducing the Alphabet for Lovers cards

  1. I have this deck — bought it during my trip to Israel about a month ago. It’s quite nice, and gives a good relationship advice. I use it along my Lenormand in relationship and love questions. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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