Predicting Luck. Clover + Fish

Whenever you see the Lenormand Clover + Fish cards side by side in the now – future spots in a layout particularly in the full board (Grand Tableau or a shorter version) the combination predicts LUCK.  2 clovercropped

By LUCK I mean that there will be an unexpected amount of money coming your way. This abundance can come from winning on a scratch ticket, bingo, games of chance, etc.  Of course, you could be expecting some financial compensation like money from sales, interest on investments or a birthday gift envelope. The fact is the LUCK will arrive.

I have seen this combination bring a certain amount of money to the person of the Reading. There is a really high chance of having a short term lucky streak. I read the 34 fishcropClover card to mean a designated time span which involves days not months.

When you combine little luck (Clover) with big luck (Fish) you will benefit financially as luck is usually associated with money. However, luck might mean different things to you.

If you did a 3 card layout as your daily draw which involved the Anchor card as well and it fell last in the trio the LUCK or financial benefit would involve work.  You could receive your paycheque and see a raise.

35 anchorcropYou might secure a new job and negotiate a starting wage which is better than offered. There is definitely good news about work which involves increase.

If you had no question in mind when selecting the 3 card draw there is a good probability you will receive some kind of information that day which should involve additional funds/money.


3 thoughts on “Predicting Luck. Clover + Fish

  1. But if you see a single card e,g FISH then …..?
    In My experience when I used to draw single card for days energy for learning time. I used to loose heavily in cards . (Gambling. ) as it indicates money but i used to loose.

    • Hi Ranie,
      I use single card draws to understand the day’s energy as well. The Clover & Fish need to be combined to result in gain. If you only chose the Fish card for example as a 1 card draw your day might involve the King of Diamonds or a financial matter. I would not base total Luck on just one card. Seaqueen

  2. I’m so used to doing 3’s – for a daily spread draw. ( However, does it depend on a persons’ attitude.) Would a person have apathy… such as ‘poor pitiful, nothing ever goes right’ emotional / state of mind / or just lacking the tact, desired action to take on fortunate energy… Would a person ‘recognize’ something of value … if it appeared ? could a 3×3 spread explain further ?

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