Shustah Pregnant Mouse & Lenormand Mouse

Here’s another brief comparison of the Pages of Shustah Pregnant Mouse and the Lenormand Mouse.  The meanings differ slightly but could be adopted when studying the cards.

Green Pregnant Mouse is associated with loss. This card also describes the “lack of” mentality when a person focuses on what they don’t have instead of what blessings do they have. Usually there is a connection with depleted finances and not having enough money to make ends meet.

There is a promise within the Pregnant Mouse that circumstances can improve and that something new is just around the corner. When the timing is right this loss will be minimized. After all, the mouse won’t be pregnant forever it will give birth. Research shows that their gestation period is about 21 days and I would use this as a time frame when Reading this card in a layout (images do give us clues). 

The Lenormand Mouse is also associated with loss at a slow pace. It isn’t pregnant (I don’t think) but it looks it, lol.  This mouse is never hungry. It will continue to eat away at whatever it finds. The card near it is it’s meal.  Is it a person? Is it a situation representing money (fish), love (heart), work (anchor) or friendship (dog)?

Both these cards indicate LOSS.  You could adopt another meaning to the Lenormand Mouse from the Green Pregnant Mouse – poverty consciousness.  Sometimes we don’t do anything about our situations & just suffer through them.  When you worry about money it’s the mouse nibbling away at all your optimism.

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