King of Swords & Lord of Authority comparison

I am a great fan of the Pages of Shustah divination cards and very fond of Robin Wood’s Tarot deck. I want to share some thoughts on the comparison of the King of Swords with the Red Lord of Authority. I never like seeing these guys in Readings because I know the answer to my question will come when someone else decides.

When you look at the image above you can see how similar these 2 cards are in energy. Both cards give the impression that you won’t really get your way with a situation or person.

In my experience with the Robin Wood King of Swords over the years I have found the following real life meanings:

– out of your hands, someone else calls the shots, victim of circumstances, legal authority, not when you want to, wait your turn, don’t push too hard you have opposition, follow the process

Some real life meanings for the Red Lord of Authority through practical experience are:

– don’t push your luck, they’ll decide not you, can’t have everything you want, no co-operation at your whims, someone else holds the strings, sit back and accept the consequences, you get what you need not what you want

As you can see both cards are saying the same thing. I think these 2 cards mirror each other perfectly even though they are from 2 different decks. You will find that many cards from a variety of Cartomancy systems can be paired in this fashion. I would recommend this exercise if you want to get more acquainted with the cards.

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