Snapshot of Lenormand Houses


The image above is a Snapshot of 9 Houses (upper left location) of the Full Board layout (Grand Tableau).  The cards on top of the Arlo Lenormand (representing House positions in layout) is the French Cartomancy Lenormand deck.

I will offer some brief suggestions interpreting the card falling in the house and omitting the above/below and side by side combinations. The seeker of the cards is a male (Gentleman). The special female is represented by the Lady.


Male will be delivering some message/news.


Short term testing period.

3 RIDER/SHIP house

Recent news about to arrive involves travel plans

10 LADY/SCYTHE house

The significant other female is experiencing some sudden loss.

11 SUN/WHIP house

Happiness is threatened by arguments.

12 STORK/BIRDS house

Changes are depicted causing great anxiety.

19 RING/TOWER house

A broken commitment or breach of promise.

20 PARK/PARK house

Public friendships provide solid support.


Erosion of a situation is slowed down by increasing challenges.

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