Lesson in Interpretation

  • Nearly every fortune-telling deck has a card which illustrates a Child or Baby.
  • There are no deep dark secrets in the meanings for the card in the images.

When you are doing a Reading you may feel like you are pressured to speed up your interpretation of cards in layouts. Usually the person getting the Reading expects you to keep talking without stopping to pause. Your interpretation skills do need time to breathe.  🙂

Much of you analysis is done at lightning speed in your head provided you fully understand the core essence of each and every card.  The great thing about doing E-readings is that you can take the time to study and think about what you are going to write. In person Readings can be more intimidating especially if you don’t have total confidence in yourself with a particular deck of cards.

In the case of the Child/Baby card your immediate response should be … what? Do you look at the neighbouring cards first? What if it is a one card draw? For the purpose of this post we will pretend you shuffled the cards (deck of your choice which has a Child or Baby card) and selected ONE card as your guidance for the day.

Tips in Analysis

  • Try not to place too much emphasis on the actual name if there is a name on the card.
  • Look at the image. Right away there should be a bunch of things going through your head. Maybe you already know why this card came up. Whatever you do don’t worry about it too much.
  • Now identify the card – CHILD/BABY(situation, person, project etc)
  • Recall or look up some of the core meanings – something new, a child, under development, prematurely
  • Use you own descriptive words – early stages, too soon, small, helpless, needy, about a child, immaturity, little freedom, etc
  • Think of a few examples where the card’s meaning could apply. At the end of the day record a few things which did actually occur. Where all these things related to the card you drew? How?

In the event that you could not find any connection with the day’s events and the actual card you drew … think again.  It is important to find the link because then the card becomes more user-friendly the next time. This step can be challenging and I think this does happen often. There is a hidden meaning custom-made for you.

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