Black and White Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

I have a rare black and white deck of the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten which is numbered. My Slovenian aunt sent me these cards before the mass production of the coloured version. Actually they are not pure white more like a very pale soft blue and gentle black. The card stock is very thin. She also sent me some notes on this deck which I am still trying to locate in my vintage storage boxes. I remember my mom translating the meanings to me. I have not been able to find this deck or images on  google search.  The information my aunt sent me is in my native tongue & I shouldn’t have any problem translating the remainder of the “old cartomancy” meanings.  

Since they are dubbed “gossip cards” there are core cards which appear throughout the fortune-telling Sibilla style decks.  I have scanned 2 of the b/w cards with 2 of the modern printing ones in the image shown below. As you can see there is little difference in the initial capture of the imagery with the exception that the cards on the right are a wee bit enlarged.

Zig Letter, Journey
The Letter and Journey cards are nearly always in the Sibilla style deck (gossip cards).
If you are the type of Cartomancer that works with colours then the b/w deck is not for you. I prefer less colour and more simple images which is enough for me to trigger other guidance intuitively. It all depends on your Cartomancy Personality.

When using the b/w cards I get a more mysterious aura around them. It’s like watching a b/w movie with little background music except crescendos (intensity of instruments like a trumpet or piano) where necessary. It feels different – like watching a movie in full colour with good sound effects.

2 thoughts on “Black and White Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

  1. I’ve seen such w/b cards in Hungary..I recognise romanian words writen on it which are not on original Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten ..usually I saw this only on cards printed in Hungary…

    • Hi Kali: Thanks for your comment. I have the Hungarian version of the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten in b/w from Hungarian but the deck is more recent perhaps a couple of decades ago. The backs of the b/w deck in the post has nothing on the backs which is the way the cards were manufactured. If you find out any more info pls let me know. thanks

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