asking the Lenormand with the Heart Layout.

Today’s post uses the Heart Layout as did the one a few days ago. This is a really simple little layout to use when asking about a relationship or the potential of a connection. JAN25HEARTLAYOUT

1st Column – Gentleman

On His Mind: The Fish Card (King of Diamonds)


What He Faces: The Stars Card

Summary: The Gentleman seems to be thinking about finances at the current time. He is either making good money or in a planning process with the King of Diamonds to initiate additional revenue.  He is very clear-headed with a specific goal he wants to achieve. He does face towards the center card which he shares with the Lady.

2nd Column – Lady

On Her Mind: The House Card (King of Hearts)


What She Faces: The Lily Card (King of Spades)

Summary: Look at how the Lady card is blocked in by the 2 Kings. (Ancient Cartomancy teaches that this could predict some troubles especially with the law.) Keeping the interpretation in the modern cartomancy world I see this situation between the 2 significant men in the lady’s life as split energy. One man will be connected to family/home and the other one will be a more professional person. The Gentleman is also in the equation.

The Lady is close to family matters and comes from a pure heart. She will experience harmonious circumstances in the upcoming weeks and even if her feathers get ruffled (Ancient Cartomancy indicators) all will straighten out within a short time.

Center Card

OUTCOME: The Key Card

Summary: Solution to a dilemma.  As we know the key works both ways. It can open the door or it can close it.  As far as the Gentleman and Lady’s near future connection or continuation of relationship I get a really positive vibe from this card.  If you look closely at the Key card the bottom of the key faces the Lily card suggesting an invitation to work through things. The top of the key is beside the Gentleman. All he has to do is reach over and turn the key.

There are No obvious “bad” cards in this layout indicating the energy of the Reading will flow smoothly.  The overall advice is, “go with the flow.”

Notice all the Kings in this layout. Does it mean anything? I think so. Kings are masters of their suits which means emotions (hearts), tangible situations (diamonds) and intellect (spades) are the significant energies. The Clubs (actions) suit is missing which means there probably won’t be speedy advancements between the connection of the Gentleman & Lady. No real bells and whistles but just the same the soft sounds of the flute will be heard.

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7 thoughts on “asking the Lenormand with the Heart Layout.

  1. Hi madame Seaqueen

    I have been trying the heart layout and I have some doubts. I hope you can give me some light on them. The querent is female and she wants to know about the future of her relationship with male X.

    The cards were: what’s on her mind – mice. This is pretty obvious as she is anxious and stressed. Also thinking on losses.
    What she faces: dog – from your posts I guess that in this case the dog is talking about fidelity, she must trust the situation.
    The middle card was letter and this is one of my doubts. Letter means communication. Now communication is something missing between them as he is running away of the feelings.

    What’s on his mind: lilly – I could think on sexuality, harmony or family (he is still married)
    What he faces – rider — or he will visit her, as the rider is going from him to her, or he will send her some news.

    Am I going on the right direction with my interpretation?


    • Hello Stanze,
      Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your comment/question. It’s a good example for post study. For the female I will say Lady S. but I have a few questions first before I will post a brief interpretations.
      Is the Lady’s column right or left?
      Is the Rider facing left or right?
      What deck are you using?

  2. Hi madame Seaqueen,

    Thanks for your quick reply! I use the Dutch lenormand cards, with text on it. I am not sure which cards are but their images are the most common ones. I think it is called the Carta Mundi.
    The lady’s column is on the left as she is the querent and they both face each other. The rider faces left, i.e., he faces the lady.

    Looking forward for your comments.

  3. Hi Madame Seaqueen

    How do you see the Fish card between the two persons in this layout? Ups and downs? Good luck? Or pure financial issues (they have no common financial issues)?
    Thanks in advance,

  4. Hi madame Seaqueen!

    I always have some doubts on the fish card. How would you interpret it in this layout if it appeared as the middle card? Ups and downs? Great luck?

    Thanks in advance for your comment,

    • Hello Stanze: Thanks for your question. If there is no financial association between the Gentleman and Lady as you mentioned in the other comment I would still consider a possible exchange of money or something of value. There are some other levels to the FISH Card to consider as well.

      The Center Card -OUTCOME: The Fish Card
      Possible interpretations:
      as a King of Diamonds- there may be dealings with a more mature man who can be a friend who has background in finances.
      as a King of Diamonds- the Gentleman adopts the attitude of the King of Diamonds in that he views relationships as something which should make him look good to others
      as a King of Diamonds: the Lady probably wants a relationship with the Gentleman to further her financial position
      as the Fish card: the traditional association with money related situations

      Many Cartomancers assign issues with alcohol/drugs to this card so maybe as an outcome this problem may be discovered. I see the energy as being fluid this means the outcome is changeable, adaptable or not solid in result. It’s ok for the current time frame but more than likely to shift as more information is gained.

      Hope that helps. Madame Seaqueen.

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