more on the vintage Zodiac Circle playing cards

The Zodiac Circle playing cards arrived yesterday. As always with vintage decks there is often wear and tear or creases on the cards. Often there is a musty odour but luckily this deck wasn’t too bad considering it’s age from 1931. I often place a piece of incense in a bag with the deck and close it. There is no zip code on the address of the manufacturer which confirms this deck was made prior to the early 1960’s.

The method of this layout requires lots of space. First, you remove the 12 Astrology cards, shuffle them and lay them out facedown in a horoscope circle. Take the remaining cards, shuffle and place 2 cards facedown in each of the 12 horoscope houses with 1 card in the middle to represent the Time card (also facedown).  Card 1 of the 2 cards is beneath the Astrology card and card 2 is in the spot closer to the center (Time card).

Next, you turn over the Astrology house cards. Find your Zodiac sign and read it (not shown)  Turn over the Time card and read only the top prediction.  1timecardreadtop

Reading: Time Card-  plain #11. “You will shortly have a guest for tea who will develop into a fine friend or possibly Cupid himself may take a hand in this matter.”

Then you read the bottom section of Card 1.3card1readbottom


Reading: Card 1 plain #2. “You will make a change which will enable you to rise to great heights socially, but do not rise too rapidly, lest you become dizzy and fall.”

Lastly, you read the middle section of Card 2. 2card2readmiddle

Reading: Card 2 circled #6. “There are several outworn business methods which you should brush down as you would a cobweb if you wish your work to profit as it should.”

The instruction say that you can read for any person whether they are physically present or not. Great for distance readings as long as you know the person’s  date of birth (Astrology sign) and a question.

I mentioned before some cards had circled numbers, somewhere inside a square others had an X in the upper right hand corner. Also some numbers are plain.  When determining more advanced Timing of events you add up your month and day plus the number on the original Time card in the center. Check to see the number on the Time card. Is it in a square (YEARS), a circle (MONTHS), plain (WEEKS) or an X (indefinite).  The numbering system is complete. 

ADVANCED TIMING FOR THIS READING:  Time card 11 + (birth month) 3 + (birth day) 5 = 19 = 10

The Time card in the reading is plain that means this prediction will come true in 10 weeks. 

I am intrigued with this little fortune-telling game and will research it further by studying the results of people’s questions within the time frames the Zodiac Circle playing cards predict (except the years, lol). I suppose you could ask a question involving you & someone else if they had a different Astrological sign. You would use the same time frame method and there would be more information revealed about the other person in Cards 1 and 2.

One thought on “more on the vintage Zodiac Circle playing cards

  1. Hello! I recently came across a set of these cards, and I am fascinated by them. Your posts about them have been very illuminating and helpful, especially because I am missing the instructions card! Did you ever find out why certain cards (specifically the #9 and #10 “plain”/weeks cards and #6 and #8 “square”/year cards) have been deliberately left out of the deck? I’m extremely curious and can’t find anything about it online.

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