Heart Layout for Lady J.

I received an email from Lady J. using the following cards in the —–> Heart Layout (instructions). The deck she is using is the Lenormand by Carta Mundi Dutch version.
bear              dog
man – clouds – woman
heart             bouquet
Column 1: what’s on his mind BEAR
The male possesses strength of mind. Thoughts on money issues. He appears to be passionate in all he does.
MAN: gentleman in question
HEART: what he faces
His thoughts are on an emotional situation/relationship. To him it is in the early stages of development (Jack of Hearts) and he isn’t the type of man to be rushed (Bear)
Column 2: what’s on her mind DOG
Lady J. is thinking about a person who is a friend right now. She seems to be loyal in her mind towards this person.
BOUQUET: what she faces
Lady J. could experience some rewards from this possible connection. Perhaps a gift. Her approach to relationships is not flippant. (Queen of Spades)
Center: Outcome card CLOUDS.
The outcome appears to be foggy about the direction in which the connection between Lady J and the Gentleman will unfold. It may not happen too quickly. The King of Clubs inset in this particular deck is facing to the right.  He is looking at the Lady card (woman). The clouds seem to be on the right side of the card in this deck although I can’t quite tell as I don’t have the actual card in front of me. I am looking at the cards in the link above. One part of the Gentleman in question is interested but his attention currently is focused on money. (Bear)
Lady J. asked my in the email if this Gentleman is interested in the female depicted in the Bouquet card (Queen of Spades). I didn’t get the feeling he was and besides that the Queen is looking to the right of the layout indicating she probably wouldn’t be interested in the Gentleman.
Note: The Gentleman and Lady are not always facing to the right or to the left. Some decks they face forward. If your intuition tells you to read the directions then do so by all means. I don’t always factor the direction when reading the Significator cards but more times than not I consider the playing card insets.

3 thoughts on “Heart Layout for Lady J.

  1. Hi Madame Seaqueen, for me the bear also means jealousy, a feeling of posession or someone that keeps an eye on you. I would have added that the gentleman keeps an eye on the lady, he is obviously interested. How do you feel about that?

    • Hi Claudia,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I read the Bear card as possessiveness (jealousy) but in a protective way. Bear is a powerful energy when dealing with the emotions. On the negative side Bear is an overbearing individual when coupled with the Whip, for example. Follow you gut feelings when combining cards. Seaqueen

  2. Thk u very much! you are right, he is the repairguy who comes over and fixes things at my place. His main goal is work (and money) , he is VERY focussed on his job 🙂 When i call the housing association for repairs they always send him over. And i am glad cause i trust him and dont like getting used to new faces all the time. He came over 6 time last year. You are right about the ‘gifts’! When he is busy he also fixes things while he won’t get paid for it nor asked for it, or replaces something still working with something brand new 🙂 The heart card came as a real suprise because he is so focussed at his job. I can also relate to fhe clouds. I did this reading 2 months ago and it is also 2 months since i called for a repair, thats because i am too busy to stay at home everytime i made a new appointment. But i will make an apointment again very soon, so maybe the story continues. thk u very much!!

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