What kind of fortune teller are you?

People usually do not remember all the good things you tell them they remember the bad. What kind of fortune-teller are you?  A. B. or C.

A. You could say the Tower card is traditionally assigned to a separation 19 towercropand falling beside the Heart card 24 heartcropthis tells me a relationship will break up. There is no chance of ever getting back together with the person you are involved with because the Scythe card 10 scythecroppedends the row. It means an abrupt ending.

Now, for one second put yourself in that person’s shoes hearing this information.  

Think about how they would receive this reading so far.  

B.  The Tower card generally points to a separation of sorts. Because it is linked with the Heart card this duo is suggesting a break down in emotional continuity between you and someone else. This appears to be quite a challenging situation. (Relationships are rooted in love, yes, but communication is vital as well.) The Scythe card indicates a cleaning up process will occur in the near future. The pointed part of the Scythe faces away from the Heart card suggesting all is not  totally lost.

or C. Our foremothers of fortune-telling would have said, “you will suffer great pain in your heart from a break up. He/She will never come back. Cross my palm with silver and I will put a curse on him/her to never fall in love with anyone else”.  


4 thoughts on “What kind of fortune teller are you?

  1. Tricky question… I know for sure I’m not C but I don’t think I’m A or B either. Sometimes it’s cruel to give people hope that a bad relationship is “fixable” if it’s obvious from the context that it’s not. But making sweeping pronouncements of certainty when we really don’t know the full extent of the context is also a bad idea. So, context is everything isn’t it?

    Given nothing but those three cards I would say that there is an old heartache that has resurfaced and is now able to be dealt with.

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your comment and great insights. Just out of curiosity why would you think an old heartache resurfaced? Was there a card in the stand alone 3 card layout which suggests the heartache was there in the past? Seaqueen

      • I’ve always read the tower as something from the past or something long standing- maybe because I use Titania’s version of the cards and that was what it came up as with those.

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