Lenormand Wahrsagekarten deck

I’ve wanted this deck for a long time and today it arrived from Europe.  The Lenormand Wahrsagekarten by Konigsfurt Urania is a very colorful deck with provocative imagery.

Lenormand Wahrsagekarten


Our duo shows the MOUSE and the CLOUDS cards. In traditional Lenormand Cartomancy the Clouds card is sometimes read based on the lighter and darker side of the clouds facing certain cards.  In this deck the very dark side is at the top of the card behind the playing card inset of the King of Clubs.  There is a slightly darker shading at the bottom with the whites of the clouds in the middle. I would read this card as having the darker side of the clouds on the LEFT. 

The mouse in the image looks like it is having a great time feasting on what appears to be a cookie. It could be some other morsel of food as well. The mouse sees nothing else but what it is eating away at. This card’s meaning depicts the same thing … eating away. A slow process, though.

There are other keywords for the Mouse such as reduction, decrease, loss, deceit, theft, neglect and depreciation. Filthy, unsanitary, disorders, swindles, bribes, displeasure, anguish, or erosion.

If you find this combination at the end of the row of a layout my suggestion is that the confusion or lack of clarity of the Clouds card will lessen. The reason is because the Mouse card is nibbling away at the dark side of the clouds. The situation would improve slowly. The King of Clubs might be suffering from a physical ailment. The cards involved in this row should be studied carefully before any information is given regarding one’s well-being.

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