Listen to the Cartomancy Voice Within

I had heavy responsibilities placed on me since I was 6 years old at which time we moved to Canada from former Yugoslavia. Not speaking English for the first few years in school really heightened my skills of awareness. When I was about 8 years old I started to know things about people, which got me into a lot of trouble when I conveyed my findings. I could never fib and spoke the truth as it was given to me.  This skill was second nature to me and when I turned 14 my journey with the “unknown” became a passionate hunger within me.

It’s not always an easy life path when you “know” or “sense” things. My clairaudient and clairsentient skills became amplified in high school. I was never quite sure of the “voice” that spoke to me but I learned to identify it at a very young age.  The inner voice does not nag you. The voice that nags is your “ego”.

My relationship with the Tarot and Gypsy cards began during my high school years. As many of you did I memorized the meanings from the limited amount of books available in the market. I taught myself how to listen for that voice when I studied the cards. It was the same voice speaking to me when I held an object (psychometry). It was the same voice when I was driving down the highway & it told me not to go down that road. I didn’t listen to the voice that time and ended up having a major car accident.  Was it my destiny to have the accident?

I do want to mention that when you open the channel to that voice you must be careful if you are inexperienced with the “unknown”. You can get seduced if you are not grounded and come from a pure intention. Don’t forget we have voices that come from fear as well. 

Once you identify the true Voice Within you will never mistake it for anything else … ever again.  

In Cartomancy, your Voice Within does it’s best work when you release any rigid beliefs you may have on the attached meanings to the cards.

Always ask the Voice Within, “what am I supposed to know about this card?” Learn to listen for the answer.

7 thoughts on “Listen to the Cartomancy Voice Within

  1. I am a little confused about intuition and Lenormand and Im hoping you can help me. Almost all of the Lenormand groups say that you should use the traditional meanings and not sway to intuition at all. Is it ok to use both? Thank you

    • Hi Jane: That’s a very good question. Knowing the traditional meanings helps a person. It’s a starting point. I feel that it takes intuition to choose which traditional meanings to use when there is more than 1 designated to the card. It takes intuition to combine cards in this manner especially when you have 5+ cards you are reading. I am in full support of using one’s intuition in Cartomancy even when there is only 1 meaning to a card. Intuitive flashes occur when we least expect them and to disregard them is like shutting the door to your guides. What do you think? Seaqueen.

      • Hello again. The post you are talking about is only a snapshot for the purpose of study. Yes, there will be other cards in the Lenormand houses. I didn’t detail the complete full board (Grand Tableau) to keep the post a reasonable length. It is a lengthy process to describe every Lenormand card in the Lenormand House. If you are doing this for yourself I would jot down Houses 1-36 and beside each House number I would write the Lenormand card. This way is better for retaining the information. Thanks for your questions. It’s always good to interact with readers of the blog to see how I might refine or elaborate more in future posts. Seaqueen.

      • Thank you for your reply, it has helped me to sort out my thoughts. I too think it is important to know all of the traditional meanings and was trying to keep my intuition out as it is not like the tarot. Intuition on the different meanings of the cards makes sense to me but had not thought of it in that way before.

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