Art Deco Good News & Treason cards in combination

Good News

Good News

The Art Deco fortune telling cards are a more modern version of a combination of various Gypsy/Sibille style decks.

The GOOD NEWS card’s image speaks volumes. You can assign many meanings to this card which are only limited by your own insights. I think it’s best not to focus on the word “good news” too much and to study the image more. A well dressed couple is reading the paper in the female’s left hand. Notice the red insignia on the envelope. Is it a formal invitation or from an official institution? It’s obvious this couple is happy about the news/announcement. Maybe they are being notified they will be getting a visit from a relative or friend they haven’t seen in ages.

How is this card’s essence different from the Letter or Message cards which are part of the deck as well. Those 2 cards do not show a reaction within the cards. You need to look to the surrounding cards to help you figure out the nature of the information and what effect it administers.



The TREASON card’s image fills your imagination with a story. After studying such a positive card Good News it’s a bummer to have this card joining it. It’s definitely a red flag.  We actually see a weapon in the card’s image. There is an official gentleman and an officer/soldier. The man in the middle is holding the beat up suitcase. Is he just arriving or was he planning to take off?  Notice all 3 are wearing hats of status identification.

The official male on the left side of the card has his hand on the left shoulder of the man in the middle (alleged culprit). The officer holds up his right hand and says, “halt”. Treason is betrayal. Is the man in middle guilty or not? This has not been proven yet. He has just been caught.
When we combine Treason with Good News the person getting the reading will be the recipient of some information which is dangerously misleading. The act of being happy is the first reaction (Good News)  & then the consequences are experienced (Treason Card).

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