1930’s Zodiac Circle Playing Card game

This 1930’s deck of 45 cards is a rare find. Included in this game of divination are the individual cards having the meanings printed on them as well as an instruction layout card. The backs of them have a zodiac wheel. Looks like it might be a fun divination game to explore.


Cover of Box

The deck consists of:

  • 12 cards describing the astrology signs  (12)
  • cards 2-11 have circled numbers sporting 3 images (10)
  • cards 2-11 sport 3 images (10) No 9 & 10
  • cards 4-12 have a square around the numbers and sport 3 images (9) No 6 & 8
  • 7 cards have an “X” in the upper right hand corner (7)

Thus, equalling 44 cards plus the instruction card (45).


circled 8 Card

I am really curious why there is no plain 9 & 10 cards and no squared 6 & 8 cards. Do you have this deck? I’ll post a reading using this deck as soon as it arrives in the mail. 

One thought on “1930’s Zodiac Circle Playing Card game

  1. I just picked up this deck at a market too. It looks like a fun little set, and I like the pictures on the cards. The descriptive text is fun, too, for the linguistic style.

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