Year of the Water Snake

If you are born in the years 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 2013 you are the Snake in Chinese Astrology. This system also assigns 5 elements to each sign in the 12 year cycles; wood, water, fire, earth and metal. These elements add certain traits to the sign personality. Find out your own Chinese Astrological sign & elements to determine if 2013 will be a good year for you. 

The new year begins the first week or so of February

If you are born in 1965 you are WOOD SNAKE 

If you are born in 1977 you are FIRE SNAKE 

If you are born in 1989 you are EARTH SNAKE

If you are born in 1941 and 2001 you are METAL SNAKE 

If you are born in 1953 and 2013 you are WATER SNAKE

2013 is the year of the Water Snake. Snake should not be feared as it is in many cultures and belief systems. Snake represents wisdom, determination, awareness, charm, vanity and possessive. Of course, there are many more adjectives along the same lines.

So, what kind of energy will we be dealing with in 2013 and the early weeks of 2014? Thinking back 12, 24, 36 or even 48 years to previous Snake years what happened personally and globally?  A snake is a snake is a snake.  Hissssss.

To be more specific the last Water Snake year was in 1953 and this would be a good place to start researching. History and the repetition of certain cycles. Mind you the outer planets (representing global changes) have moved in degree positions but the ones closer to earth have repeated their cycles.

My research shows in 1953 year of Water Snake there were major shifts in government leaderships either through death or re-elections. There were some significant discoveries in medicine and technology. The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.  You can find month by month events —->HERE.

I don’t see the year of the Snake filled with evil but I do see some dangers. The water Snake is often confused with the poisonous water Moccasin. There is a global warning in this. I suppose in some ways it is a form of deception. Situations will be triggered to bring forth the wrath of the Snake. The attack will be swift and deadly.  More on this topic in another post.


Lenormand Snake

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