asking Symbolon about mankind’s lesson in 2013

I really love working with the Symbolon deck. I don’t use it for everyday questions and reserve this deck for more profound queries.  (There are Astrological symbols on the images which can also be studied in conjunction with the meanings.) I felt a strong energy guiding me as I studied and interpreted these 3 cards.

What is mankind’s lesson in 2013?

King's Two Children. Affliction. The Angel.

King’s Two Children.  Affliction. The Angel.

Problem/Issue: The Kings Two Children

Not surprisingly, one of the meanings of this card is “illusion of becoming one”. The desire of a more unified mankind is a romantic illusion. The desire of  “whole love” throughout the world remains an unfulfilled & intense feeling of what is missing. The Symbolon cards suggest the lesson of mankind in 2013 is related to unification.

The Way through the Problem/Issue:  Affliction

The second position reveals the “process” to the ultimate goal of the question.  Attempts for unification are handicapped.  Mankind’s efforts require more responsibility not just in thoughts. Part of the lesson is to implement more action. In the image is a male on crutches with a broken or sprained right leg. Mankind has lost it’s footing partly from all the injuries sustained in the past when unity did not prevail.

The Outcome: The Angel

In the last position we have the outcome or answer.  The card falling in this spot is The Angel. We have already determined by the Symbolon’s suggestion that global unification (love) is the lesson. The Angel card represents the truth. I want to interpret this card to mean that mankind needs to face the truth about it’s own individual false beliefs. This card suggests the lesson of mankind could be for each and every person to be true to themselves first. Only then will the whole of humanity recognize what is the true meaning of unification.

Wow! That is one powerful message.

3 thoughts on “asking Symbolon about mankind’s lesson in 2013

  1. You ask such wonderful daring questions. It certainly is a powerful message. It’s good to see the angel card in the last position!

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