2013 = Lenormand 6’s

2013 = 6 

This will be a fun Cartomancy exercise. I pulled the 6 cards from the Lenormand deck to see what influences will be at play this year.  The single 6 card is the CLOUDS.  The subsidiary cards which add up to 6 are the BEAR ( 15), HEART (24) and KEY (33).  You could even pull the 4 pip cards 6 clubs, 6 hearts, 6 diamonds and 6 of spades. Since more and more newer Lenormand decks do not have the playing card insets I will omit this analysis in this post.

To keep things simple I will discuss the influence of the CLOUDS, BEAR, HEART & KEY cards as shown in the image below. I like this group of cards because they combine well together. I’ve included a brief interpretation of my perception of the cards’ influences in 2013.


This influence is not permanent but will happen quite often. 2013 will see both the darker and lighter side of the clouds. Just when situations seem overcast to the point where clarity becomes an issue events will change and we will see the light of the sun again. Temporary global confusion is suggested during events which are hard to explain.  Clouds + Key = solutions to problems.

1+5 BEAR

Bear’s influence will be strong this year.  I see this card to represent those in powerful positions. In my culture it is believed the Bear spares those who are weakened and/or psychically in tune. (Try telling that to a bear when he has you cornered, lol.) I have always read this card to indicate a form of bullying strength.  Clouds + Bear = a bully.  Those in power may create situations of victimization. One of the traditional meanings of the Bear card is money. Circumstances around huge sums of money will be highlighted as well.


The Heart’s influence ties in with the Tarot Lovers card (hmmm how interesting).  Relationships, friendships, emotional connectivity and love will be pronounced this year. Bear + Heart = a powerful love.  It is important to remember that there is a negative side to love as well and we could see emotions such as anger & hatred. There will be situations brought out into the open about love affairs which have been on the back burner.

3+3 KEY

The influence of this card is promising. The Key can offer solutions through problems. Unlocking mysteries or challenges can be exciting, however, some things are better left locked. I see this card as the process  to some of the global issues whereby explanations are offered. There could be an end to some forms of discontinuity leading to a more united influence.  Heart + Key = the answer is within one’s heart.

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