Determine your Cartomancy style prior to reading cards.

Some of the most important things a Cartomancer should determine prior to doing an analysis is the following:

  • Are you reading the cards with the traditional meanings?
  • Will you be analyzing the Lenormand along with the playing cards? Will you be analyzing the Lenormand with another deck in the layout? Applicable to any deck of cards
  • Do you have your own custom designed spread with assigned meanings for the spots?
  • Are you taking a more spiritual approach to the meanings of the cards? Stay on track. Best not to mix traditional fortune-telling with spiritual guidance.
  • Is your question for the layout based in practicality or is geared more towards spiritual guidance?

You can do all of the above when reading cards but I think a contained focus of technique is better.  When I choose to read the cards I decide ahead of time what I want to know and how I will receive the messages of the cards.  My psychic impressions come after the fact. That is one part of me I cannot consciously control. I cannot perform on demand. If my guides provide me with additional information I am grateful. As you know, your guides do have a sense of humour and often watch you fall flat on your face, lol, if you think you can snap your fingers & they will come running.

Lenormand cards or any other deck can trigger much more than what the actual passed down meanings indicate.  You need to have a good relationship with your cards. Best to have 2 or more decks. One for the more profound questions and another deck for fortune-telling. There is a difference.


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