Art Deco & Zigeuner fortune telling trio

Below you will see a trio of cards from both the Art deco fortune telling deck and the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (ciganske karte).  The cards are identical with the exception of the image.


In the center we have the DESIRE card. In the Art deco deck this card is called Ardent Desire which tends to add more emotions to the meaning. The Zigeuner card definitely looks more passive in a patient sort of way.

The first cards is the LETTER.  News has come. In the Art deco deck you get the feeling the letter came in the mail as you see the postman delivering it. In the Zigeuner card the bird symbolizes the delivery of the message being air mail. These days texts, emails etc seem to be the more modern methods of communication. However, we have not totally converted to online correspondence (yet).

The final card in this trio is the ENEMY. The Zigeuner deck image gives the impression this enemy is not just a thug. He is well dressed and has carefully plotted an attack. He is the male version of the a femme fatale. In the Art deco deck the enemy appears to be of a lower class when comparing the 2 men in both cards.  Nevertheless an enemy is an enemy no matter how they are dressed.

Summary: Someone is out to get the person in question of this trio of cards.  Whatever the news is which has arrived it is causing the Significator (center card theme Desire) great concern. The Art deco lady has been blinded by the words or content of the news. The Zigeuner lady is more cautious yet still in a state of waiting.

Unfortunately for the person a terrible injustice will be done. She/He has been victimized and will be on the receiving end of a shocking reality check when the Enemy’s influence is felt.  At this point you could draw a Clarification card to determine how the Enemy will succeed or if he is stopped.

One thought on “Art Deco & Zigeuner fortune telling trio

  1. Hi!! i recently buy this 2decks and i don´t understand de mening of the judge, the ecclesiastic and the officer. Can you tell me who you see this 3? Thank´s

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