more on the Lenormand Clover card

Microsoft Word - The Lenormand Clover card.doc

(How to Read Lenormand cards article —–>Scribd )
Microsoft Word - The Lenormand Clover card.doc

In the event you have some issues reading the 2 jpg images detailing the Clover card I am including the text below (actually a follower of the blog pointed this out to me).

#2- clover (6◆)

The CLOVER is a delightful little card no matter what type of layout you use whether it is a 3-card draw, Celtic cross or the full 36 cards. The energy of the clover card could be equated to neither good or bad (positive or negative), but it is generally good. The reason I say it is not all positive or negative is because it can be swayed or persuaded to take on the energy of a stronger card. This happens in the cards too, not just out there between people. It is a passive personality of sorts. In my experiences I have found that the clover card brings immediate or short-term influence probably less than a week’s time. In some cases, depending on positioning it can indicate a very positive outcome. You need to remember though that it is a passing influence-here today gone tomorrow. For example, questions about love relationships or romantic involvement the clover tells you to enjoy the moment because there is a very good chance it is not long lasting. But if the anchor or key follows it, these cards will provide more stability and longevity. If the scythe or stork are close by, expected sudden changes or a surprise dissolution and not necessarily in that order. You could be heading for sudden worries (birds) or hear unexpected news (letter, rider). The nature of the worries or news will be shown in the surrounding entourage of cards. The clover card is also about luck – you’ve heard of a lucky streak. When near the fish & bear, it is about financial luck or increase in money. The clover card + fish card can mean instant cash. When the fox or anchor are involved it can be luck about job or work. Yes, the fox doesn’t always have to mean a deceptive situation. If the lady or gentleman cards are involved, even some of the other court cards (once you have decided to use them as people cards) the clover will point to a person that is friendly, likable, and easy going OR an emotional pushover. The clover in some circles is associated to magic and if linked with the moon or star cards can mean occult interests. Now a word on the word “occult”. It has a stigma attached to it, doesn’t it? Black magic and all…. not always. We are doing occult work in a way because we are talking/writing and sharing information about the hidden, mystical or secret knowledge of certain topics. Near the cute little mouse card- rapid loss. With the rider card-one huge surprise With the clouds-annoyances come out of nowhere and disappear just as fast. Kind of like having one of those days when you feel disconnected. Beside the ring=sudden engagement. With the lily=unexpected sexual encounter

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