2013 = 6 The Tarot Lovers

It is refreshing to know our New Year 2013 adds up to a 6. The #6 corresponds to the Tarot Lovers card. Also, on February 10th we enter the year of the Snake according to Chinese Astrology.

1910 deck
Looks like 2013 will be a year of choices and unions. Relationships will play an important role. In the image the man looks at the woman as if to say, “is it me or is it the Angel?” The woman on the other hand is not looking at the man but is gazing at the Angel Raphael. The man represents the conscious world. She wants a relationship but on another level … the subconscious world. She has the Snake energy in her corner of the card. The temptations of the Snake is a subtle energy which will be in effect throughout this year. There is a stigma attached to the meaning of the Snake. It depends somewhat on your religious beliefs or belief system. Some people see the Snake as being evil and other people/systems view the Snake as wise.

 It’s not easy being a Snake. 

There is a lot of symbolism in this card like the mountain in the background. Mountains are goals but they also represent challenges we face. The path to Raphael might not be that easy to attain. The couple in the image is not clothed.  I see the lack of clothing to mean our outer personality has been stripped down so that we can try to make the connection. The man knows he will have a relationship with Raphael through the woman. It is not a direct path for him.

Raphael will be felt more intensely this year beckoning those people who need to find the missing link in their lives. You know – when you get the feeling something is missing even though it appears you have everything. Many people will reach out and commit to their paths and begin new traditions. Many people will decide once and for all which direction they want to pursue. Many people will reach their missing links through more enlightened people who appear in their lives.

The influence of The Lovers card could be a quiet yet forceful energy to contend with this year. I think there could be quite a bit of communication with other frequencies. Who is trying to contact us??

The dogma of 2012 is behind us and we are entering an exciting year which will echo more love.

4 thoughts on “2013 = 6 The Tarot Lovers

  1. oh i hoped youmight have explored a bit more on the snake and its representation for 2013 also…. i do have mixed feelings about the snake.. does it also mean deception lies in store for us in 20113 in some ways?

    • Hi: The Snake in Chinese Astrology would be different than the Lenormand Snake in the meanings. There could be some minor similarities. I plan to write more on the topic in a few weeks. Seaqueen

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, I thought so too. In the Lovers card the snake’s meaning has more of a religious/bible innuendo suggesting temptation. In Chinese astrology the focus is more on the positive attributes (in my humble opinion). Seaqueen

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