Great Mogul I. Hardy Vintage Playing Cards

i hardy cards

This is a fun deck to own. I like it mainly because the Court Cards are full bodied.  The Jacks are the only card which show the legs.  The remainder of the deck has your traditional suits consisting of Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades. The only exception with the pips is they do not sport anything but the emblems.



My google research places the original manufacturing in the 1800’s. I. Hardy was the card maker to His Majesty and the Prince of Wales of that time.  The individual cards were hand painted. The deck has plain backs and is a thicker card stock. Most decks of that time had blank backs until the card makers began marking the decks with designs. Usually, the Ace of Spades was decorated with a tax stamp.

I almost don’t want to use this newly acquired deck & will probably put the cards in a plastic protective sleeve in the binder with the other rare finds.

March 3, 2015 update: to the best of my knowledge this deck I am featuring in the post was reproduced in the 1990’s possibly 1977.  More information and images can be seen —> CLICK HERE and HERE.

side view of I. Hardy card maker to Majesty

side view of I. Hardy card maker to Majesty

9 thoughts on “Great Mogul I. Hardy Vintage Playing Cards

  1. I recently acquired a set of I. HARDY card maker to his majesty and the prince of Wales. Words on the side of the deck read: for exportation fifty pounds penalty if remanded and twenty pounds if sold or used in Great Britain . There is a seal on the front of the deck. My question is what might the value be .

  2. I have recently aquired a deck of these cards, I. Hardy card Maker. I am missing the one of spades.
    The cover is worn and ripped in places, also a few cards have some of the paper peeled off. I was wondering if I could get a guesstimate of their worth, or if you could steer me in the direction of where I would be able to get information about these beautiful cards.
    Please and Thank You 🙂

  3. I came about a deck of “1. Hardy card Maker … of Wales” but how can I tell if it was a reproduction from 1990’s or an original from 1800’s? any idea? Thank you and i just came about your site.. I found the deck on a yard sale from an old couple.

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