The Now: Whip, Lady, Clouds and Path

WELCOME 2013!!
The image reveals one column of the full board layout using 36 Lenormand cards. I tend to use the 9 x 4 spread versus the 8 x 4 plus 4 cards in the fifth row.

The female (Lady card) is middle aged and enduring great stress at this time. I want to demonstrate how the cards can reveal the ugly truth about a situation or person.



These 4 cards represent the now or current column because the Lady is located here. The card above her is the WHIP.  Here you will find what is on her mind. From this card we see that she is in a mentally abused state from the experience of the WHIP’S  discussions and arguments.  The Jack of Clubs has succeeded to beat down the spirit of the Lady.

The card beneath the Lady is the CLOUDS.  Well, no wonder the Lady is in such a confused state. She is entrapped by Court cards. The King and Jack of Clubs is the same person’s energy. In the Jack the energy is very immature and in the King the energy is more channeled. The Lady is standing above the CLOUDS card which means she has dished out some uncertainty as well. The dark side of the CLOUDS in this Lenormand deck face to the left. This tells me she will “see the light” in the imminent future.

The PATH card ends this snapshot column. When I say snapshot I mean it is really only 4 out of 36 cards of the entire layout. Nevertheless, these 4 cards are highly important.  The Lady is facing some choices.  The Queen of Diamonds is very much in control of her tangible world and telling the Lady it’s better to make a decision once the clouds pass.

I do want to point out that even though the Gentleman card is studied as the Court cards are aspects of the Lady’s and Gentleman’s personalities. They are also other individuals in her life. You would have to tap into your intuition to determine the difference. Nothing wrong with asking questions. The doctor asks you lots of question before giving you medical advice.

At this point you would look to the next column and in particular the row of cards to the right in which the Lady is positioned. The CLOUDS King of Clubs could very well have his eye on another woman the PATH Queen of Diamonds. More information will be gained about future events and if she acts on the advice of the Queen of Diamonds, namely, time to choose another direction. I feel there are several people involved and the Lady is aware of this on some level. 

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