Lenormand cards in Lenormand Houses

I haven’t written much about the Lenormand Houses but I do use them often. I thought this would be a good last post of 2012.

The image below shows the top left hand corner of the full board layout (Grand Tableau). I chose this section because the Lady card (representing the female getting the reading) fell in this area of the layout. Luckily, the Gentleman is in the lower left section.  The names you see are not the cards but the Lenormand Houses. The Houses are in numerical order as are the numbered Lenormand cards in most decks.

The Lenormand Houses have the same meanings as the individual cards. So, if you have a good understanding of each Lenormand card even if it is just a few keywords for the card then you will have no problem doing this layout. For the more advanced Cartomancer both levels are read.  The 36 cards are read as they fall in the layout AND the cards are read in relation to the House in which they are placed. Of course, there are diagonals, knighting, etc. but I won’t be detailing this technique in today’s post.

I am using the 9 x 4 layout. You can use the 8 x 4 with 4 cards in row 5. Some Cartomancers place those 4 cards on the top of the 4 rows. Do what feels right for you. I will do a brief interpretation of the Lenormand card falling in the Lenormand house and will omit the combinations with each other to keep the post relatively simple.

You really should start with the Lady (if female) or Gentleman (if male) when you commence the Reading.

Lenormand Houses

Lenormand Houses 1-4, 10-13, 19-22, 28-31.

The Lenormand House+ The Lenormand Card

RIDER: Snake

Rider house reveals what news is on it’s way. We can see that it will involve a female (Queen of Clubs) or a situation which is cloaked in a dangerous charm. Not all is on the up and up.

CLOVER: Clover

Clover house represents things which pass quickly. Most Cartomancers read this card to mean little luck. Here we have the Clover card falling into it’s own house. This will intensify it’s meaning, however, it will NOT give the Clover more luck. Our Lady of the Reading will experience brief encounters of luck throughout the duration of this reading. This is applicable only if you are not reading the 36 cards in conjunction with each other.


Ship house represents travel and yearning.  The Dog is a friend who will travel to see the Lady. If the Ship card fell in the Dog House it would be the other way around.

HOUSE: Mouse

House card pertains to everything about the home.  The Mouse card is not a favourable card to cover this spot. It shows affairs of the home not at peace. There is a constant invasion of unity caused by a gnawing situation.


Scythe house reveals all that is cut. The Heart card represents love and things which are of great emotional importance. Here you can see how this wonderful card is experiencing serious fracturing.  Our Lady must be going through a tough time with a relationship or situation she loves.

WHIP: Lady

Whip house will beat you down mostly verbally.  Our Lady card falls here. It looks like she is enduring some verbal abuse. She just can’t seem to find peace of mind which is reflected in the 4th Lenormand house (Mouse).


Birds house does speak of grief but I like to read it as anxiety.  The Fish card representing money is a source of concern right now.  It could also be gossip about the King of Diamonds man which is not our Gentleman.

CHILD: Rider

Child house represents all that is new and yes, it can be children. The Rider card is on it’s way bringing a fresh breath of air to our Lady. She will learn some information which will help but she needs to remember it’s still under development.

TOWER: Letter

Tower house represent legal matters and often has a separating influence.  The Letter card indicates some acknowledgement of a situation which can be tied into something legal. It is an important document. Did our Lady receive a troubling letter?


Garden house will reveal what is in the public eye.  Interestingly, the Tower card has fallen here.  Whatever is going on won’t be a secret. Everyone will know. It’s out in the open.


Mountain house contains those wicked blocks we all wish weren’t there. Any card falling in the Mountain House will not have an easy time. I read the Bear card to mean powerful energy. Our Lady will have the fortitude to get over any hurdles in her way. Many Cartomancers read the Bear card as an older man. He would be a significant influence in her life.

PATH: Lily

Path house represents a decision or choice. The Lily card has beautiful energy. This is what our Lady wants. She will do what is necessary to restore harmony.

GENTLEMAN: Gentleman

Gentleman house represent the male getting the reading or the significant other if a female is seeking advice of the cards. The Gentleman card is falling in his own house. This male would be totally comfortable in his own skin. What you see is what you get. Our Lady will have to accept him the way he is or a relationship won’t work.

LADY: Scythe

The same is true as above with a major difference. Our Lady is not in her own house.  The Scythe card represents the cutting process.  Perhaps our Lady might be pruning the negative attitude she has adopted from all the discord. Looks like she will be experiencing a big blow (ties in with the Heart card falling in the Scythe house).

LILY: Bouquet

Lily house contains harmony. It also represents family plus other meanings.  The Bouquet card is a good one to have here. The gift of peace.  An older woman (Queen of Spades) will be helping our Lady regain some happiness. She could be the friend coming to visit her (DOG: Ship).

SUN: Sun

Sun house represents our happiness.  Double lucky energy. The Sun card falls in it’s own house and will intensify the feelings of happiness. It would be an experience much like hearing music on a superb stereo system.  Our Lady will overcome everything & survive to talk about it. In fact, she will sing about it.


6 thoughts on “Lenormand cards in Lenormand Houses

  1. Hi Seaqueen thanx for the nice explaination which was very eucative for new bee . But I am unable to follow how “Heart”is the house as “Scythe” . ( As scythe ‘s house is 10th. but here how is it on 5th position )
    If you could please throw some light as being myself new .
    Thanks .
    And A very very happy new year to every one on this Forum.
    Ranie Bhalla .

    • Hi Ranie: Thanks for your comment. Yes the Scythe is House 10. Let me explain briefly about the layout. As stated in the post the layout is only a small portion of the 36 card Grand Tableau. It appears as 5th position in the layout but it isn’t because positions 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 are not included in the image. The next row begins at House 10 the Scythe which is beneath house 1 the Rider and above house 19 the Tower. (House Positions 14-18, 23-27 and 32-36 are not included in the image either). Hope that clears it up a bit. All the best in 2013. Seaqueen.

  2. I gave this a try, mostly because whoever you were reading for sounded like they were going through the same things I am, and it made me curious about what cards I would get. The lady card appeared in the other half of my tableau though (figures). How would your read clouds and heart appearing in their own houses? Would clouds be double trouble? Thank you.

    • Hi Kathryn: The Clouds card isn’t double trouble when falling in the Clouds house because it’s trouble enough, lol. Seriously, though, Clouds just falls into it’s own house. It’s comfortable there and will create confusion like usual. Don’t forget to factor in the King of Clubs in your analysis. The Heart card falling in the Heart house will indicate that matters of romance or emotional connectivity come from a pure source. When reading the Lenormand combinations, however, influences will be present to weaken or strengthen the cards.
      For example: we are doing the Grand Tableau reading just reading the houses then we don’t wander into the combinations. This technique needs to be determined at the start. Lots of information can be gained just by reading the houses. Hope that helps. Seaqueen.

      • It does, thank you. I realized I’ve never been clear on the heart card on it’s own, and since I usually read combinations I’m okay with heart + something else, but when it fell where it did I was thinking “Okay, it means… heart.” lol.

        This was a nice exercise, helped to get my mind off of things.

  3. When doing a 9×4 reading is it always the same numbered houses used as you have above shown above or does the 2nd half get done so that houses 5-9, 14-18, 23-27, 32-36 get used at some point? Thank you

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