Gipsy cards predict a passing

After I finished the last post I did a 36 card layout using the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy cards) just to see what the cards showed which surrounded my significator card, the Sweetheart. If you are a man reading your cards, the Lover is your significator card.

In the column right after where I was situated I saw 2 cards which really bothered me. Death + Misfortune + Message. Of course, I became alarmed as my son was flying home from several thousands of miles away. Then I remembered my girlfriend telling me that her son-in-law’s father wasn’t doing very well. I thought perhaps his time may come soon.



Misfortune. Disgrazia. Ungluck. Nesreca.




(The Death card in the above image is from the original black & white deck which you can see is numbered)

I did learn of some sad news about an hour ago. A good friend of mine’s uncle died suddenly today.  Comes in 3’s or so the saying goes. Rest in Peace Mr. H. 

update: Jan 22/13 – news of another death of a male that was a friend of my parents.

4 thoughts on “Gipsy cards predict a passing

  1. Hi madame Seaqueen,

    I am sorry to hear that! These cards are sometimes scary. Would you mind to post sometime a 36 card reading with the Gipsy? Do you use the same method of interpretation as with the LN cards?

    Cheers and I wish you a nice holliday season!

  2. Hi Madame Seaqueen:
    I am bother cause I remembered this post cause in my recent layout was death+love+mariage. If you may give me your input I really appreciated.
    Thanks and Happy holidays, in Puerto Rico is the three kings day

    • Hi Janice: Happy Three Kings Day. Thanks for your comment. The Death card often means changes which are necessary in one’s life. In your 3 card combination there is the suggestion some adjustments could occur in a relationship/marriage. Was the Marriage card last or do you remember what followed it? Seaqueen

      • Hi M.Seaqueen:
        The marriage card was last. The death card disturbed me but your right: I hope are good changes.
        Tks for all your postings, helps me to understand my inner voices and signals.
        Bless always be your gift!

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