Hungarian Gipsy cards

If you are in to reading the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten cards you might like the Hungarian version which is featured in today’s post. Each card contains 6 languages. These cards are very similar in imagery and a little less crisp but at the same time more mysterious.

Below is an example reading using 4 of the cards. 

First off we see the 2 Significator cards. Sweetheart for the female and Lover for the male. I want to mention if you are in a same gender relationship the Sweetheart is the softer personality and the Lover is the more controlling personality.


Hungarian Gipsy Cards

You can tell a story with these 4 cards even if you don’t know the meanings of the cards.

The SWEETHEART has been hit by cupid’s arrow looks like right in the head.   🙂

The LOVER is looking at the people in the JEALOUSY card. Note that the more serious side of his jacket faces the couple who seem to be embracing lovingly.

Looks like the LOVER is experiencing jealousy.  His SWEETHEART has fallen for another man.

Simple interpretation capturing the essence of the story.

One thought on “Hungarian Gipsy cards

  1. Hi Seaqueen:
    How funny life is. I recently post a comment regarding the “gipsy” way of cleansing, remember? These are de cards I was thinking of, and you guess it.

    Tks again, and take care… =D

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