a Lenormand question from the Comments section

From time to time I will answer a question from the comments section by posting a brief interpretation. Please limit your layout questions to 3 cards.  The Titanias Fortune telling cards are very much in the Lenormand style with imagery. The 9 card layout can be used with or without a Significator card (Lady or Gentleman). You can also use other decks in this layout.

I have been using Titanias Fortune Telling Cards to do a reading for myself. I used the 9 card block spread without using a significator card. I have not got the Lenormand cards.
I was hoping for some help interpreting the spread?? The question i asked was “What can i expect in my love life for the rest of 2012, and these are the cards that followed.Heart Cross Mountain
Clover Ship Coffin
Anchor Tower RingAny help in sheding light on this reading, would be very much appreciated :-)

Thank you

The center card is the SHIP. This card depicts yearning or longing for something and since the question is about love we read it accordingly. Traditionally, the SHIP card is associated with travel as well and this meaning may have some influence in the weeks to come. The love department is not without some challenges as are suggested by the CROSS (above) and the TOWER (below).  The HEART + CLOVER + ANCHOR indicates a passing influence with little changes. When the HEART + CROSS + MOUNTAIN cards are studied the impression is that opportunities will not come to the door. The person should mingle to meet new people by getting out (COFFIN) to make connections (RING).

It is not clear from the question whether the person is in a relationship now but I suspect there may be something  there (ANCHOR). If the person is longing for more in a current relationship the COFFIN card suggests change is coming which could lead to some type of relationship reassessment (TOWER + RING). However, if there is no one special at this time opportunities may have presented themselves through work (ANCHOR) but because the person feels “emotionally isolated” (TOWER) further developments can be delayed in a connection (RING).

There are others combinations which can be derived from these cards as well. I think some short distance (CLOVER + SHIP) may be involved.

The MOUNTAIN card is often seen as a blockage to what we want. It’s only a blockage and can be bypassed either through alternative attitudes or by NOT giving up! The COFFIN shows endings but it could be an ending to the way a person sees these blockages or setbacks because the final card is the RING indicating things will pick up again………..A new cycle begins.

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