different perspectives in Cartomancy readings

Card readings are mostly associated with fortune-telling. Card readings also provide spiritual guidance which comes in a non fortune-telling style.

Recently, I had a very unique Chakra reading using the Psychic Cards from a long time friend Janos Neder. Janos’ background is primarily rooted in Martial Arts, Massage Therapy and Hypnotherapy. He is highly intuitive with a profound understanding of Chinese Medicine.

I discovered through this Reading that I still had a lot of work to do with the grief I hold in my heart from the death of my parents in 2010.  Learning how this unresolved grief was depleting other vital points in my body. I found this Reading very therapeutic and came to an understanding on why this year I have had several bouts with viruses like no other year.

When we provide Readings for others whether through cards or other systems of guidance we sometimes forget to look at our own needs. Like the old saying, “when did you see a shoe maker with a good pair of shoes”. One of the  things  I really admire about Janos is his gift of articulation. He delivers his information with carefully crafted wording which I’m sure is given to him by his Spiritual Guides.

The other thing I want to mention is that Janos is a creative artist who designed a deck of fortune-telling cards for me several years ago which reflect the “true gypsy spirit”. Being from an Eastern European background (like myself) Janos completely understood my vision of the cards and added his own Hungarian flavour to the scenes depicted on the cards. I  am excited about bringing this deck on the market once my other projects are completed.

Janos is the author of the inspirational book which ties in all the disciplines mentioned above. The book is written in an easy to understand format which will contain “something for everyone”.

“Wake Up ! A practical guide to awakening your Hidden Powers”

Highly recommend this book.

You can reach Janos for a Reading & other services at his website  —-> HERE.

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