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Sample Reading

I will briefly summarize the cards in the image below to see if a young fair-haired man will secure a new job thus having to relocate. I mentioned the fair hair because there are people cards in this deck with hair color descriptions.

At first glance I looked for cards of relocation, new beginnings and happiness and did not find any in the layout. I continued to study the cards in the spots to see if there was an “answer” to my question.

Past Card 1: 1st card in the middle row. SECRETS- Female with eye mask whispering into the ear of male with eye mask.

I want to read this card to mean that information was revealed in the recent past that might not be the whole truth about a job opportunity. Something is still concealed.

Past Card 2: 1st card in the bottom row. LOSS-Not use about the image looks like a black droopy cloud.

Within this card I see there would be a loss of what the young fair haired man already has and quite possibly he is not seeing what he did lose.

Present Card 3: 2nd card in the bottom row. SCANDAL-A window with blackness on the inside.

Not sure why this card is called Scandal but the image tells me there is a lack of light in the window. Perhaps this question is a shot in the dark.

Present Card 4: 3rd card in the bottom row. POWER-A wide lightning bolt.

A lightning bolt is very powerful and can shake things up.  Combined with the previous Scandal card I’m sensing ………

Future Card 5: 3rd card in the middle row. PEACE-Simple tree with sun in background.

The next 4 Future cards should be read together to identify a theme of an event or situation related to the question. This card suggests the fair haired young man is ok will whatever the results will be.

Future Card 6: 3rd card in the top row. SOLITUDE-Man in rowboat.

Here we find another card of being centered within oneself. The man in the rowboat might be alone but there is a calming feeling with this card.

Future Card 7: 2nd card in the top row. THE MASTER-Rear view of man clasping his hands behind his back.

This is an interesting card. It shows a heavy set man overseeing what appear to be buildings in front of him. Since his hands are clasped behind his back he is open to all that is before him.

Future Card 8: 1st card in the top row. BROWN HAIRED MAN=-Male smoking a pipe entering a gate.

A new male enters into the future. From the image it looks like this brown haired man is coming to greet the young man in question. The smoking of the pipe shows experience and it also shows habits.

Outcome Card 9: 2nd card in the middle row. CLARITY-Female sitting on a dock by the water.

The last card is to reveal the outcome. It is not a cut and dry answer. It is not a yes or no to the question I asked.  Clarity means to see something clearly.  The image shows a single female in a contemplative position.  She is thinking. Maybe she asking for more guidance.

Will the young fair-haired man secure a new job leading to relocation? Based on the cards in this layout I don’t see a direct answer yet because there are too many cards which point to other issues.  At this point I would ask another deck of cards the same question to compare energies. Sometimes the cards can only give answers when the question is worded properly based on solid facts.

One thought on “The Answer Deck sample reading

  1. It’s wonderful to see another person who has engaged with this deck. I actually call the deck ‘TAD’, an acronym that suits divination: “Just a moment, I’ll consult Tad.” 😉

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