De Laurence’s Tarot Cards No.20 D

I recently acquired another vintage Tarot deck.  My guess (from some google search results) is that the De Laurence’s Tarot Cards No. 20 D are dated around the 1960’s.  There is no date or lwb in the box I have nor is there a © date on the actual cards as there are with some Tarot deck.  There is some additional information –>here. I read on the Aeclectic forum that perhaps the zip code on the box could help determine the time frame of publishing.

I was immediately attracted to the artwork on this deck not that it is any different from the “Rider” deck with the exception of the color scheme. My deck is red. I randomly drew a card and chose the Knight of Swords. (I have been thinking a lot about Hurricane Sandy the last few days and praying the it will not be the Frankenstorm they are predicting.) You can see the backs of the cards to the left of the image below.

De Laurence’s Tarot No. 20 D

WHEN studying the Knight of Swords he seems to be saying, “charge ahead men”. There is some flexibility with the sword he is holding. Had the sword been completely upright or pointed at a 90 degree angle there would be no comprise/mercy. Seeing this card in the red color scheme really triggers the imagination and psychic impression.

If you get the Knight of Swords (which I have) in the last spot of the Celtic cross there is a clear warning of pending urgency related to the question asked. If no question was asked the Knight of Swords is telling you to take the path of least resistance or you will meet up with some fierce energy.

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