Lenormand Coffin + Key + Scythe

This tutorial Lenormand trio reading can be applicable to any question.

COFFIN: suggests a situation which ended naturally. At times when we experience an ending which is not that pleasant. Within this card lies the hope of moving on.

KEY: suggests the opening and closing doors to situations. If the solution doesn’t fit the question your situation won’t work either. At this stage there is still hope to finding answers.

SCYTHE: suggests an abrupt halt in continuing with this situation. Sometimes this is a good thing and other times it’s not.  The final card is telling you that you have used the “wrong key” to unlock the door.

ADVICE:  Whatever this situation implies to your specific question the cards are telling you to take some time and think things over. It’s best not to be too anxious or impatient. With more time other factors will unfold to help you understand why that ray of hope has been removed.  If you draw a clarification card which I often do you can discover a clue and that is what I did. I place the Clouds card (King of Clubs) on top of the central Key card.

CLOUDS: suggest the whole situation was filled with confusion. The dark side of the clouds in this particular deck are facing the Coffin card indicating there could have been external influences in this situation. Look for a King of Clubs in your life to see if there is a male involved.  The lighter side of the clouds face the Scythe card suggesting it’s the best thing that could have happened.

Your perception of these 3 Lenormand cards might be different. It’s all about what feels right when studying the cards.  Don’t forget to review the cards after you experience the essence of the meanings. How close were you in an accurate interpretation?

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