vintage Palladin Playing cards

As I’ve stated before I am going through ALL my cards/books/sets to organize everything. I’ve made a few discoveries of decks I’d forgotten I even have, lol.  One of these decks is the Palladin playing cards probably dated from the late 70’s. (update Further research after publishing this post I did try a variation of spelling Paladin and came up with Ruby Lane’s website. See below.)

In today’s post I would like to discuss the Palladin playing cards.  I did some google power searching to find out more information on this deck and didn’t come up with much except they were designed by Laura Sutherland in 1977. I did locate an ad from the Nov. 1987 edition of Texas monthly magazine on page 218 featuring these cards.  See link —–>here. More detailed info Ruby Lane —> here.

I have stored the cards in a plastic 3 ring binder sleeve as they don’t have a box/instructions. I’ve done this with several Cartomancy/Tarot decks and it’s a good way to protect them as well.

Palladin Playing Cards

I don’t think this deck was used for fortune-telling but you certainly could devise a system based on the images on the cards. With such little information on this deck I’m thinking it had a short run and perhaps not many decks were printed.

I really like this deck with it’s color scheme. Black and white for Spades and Clubs. Black, white and red for Diamonds and Hearts. The images of the deck (52 cards) speak a thousand words.

I admit I am a card collecting addict, lol.  How about you?

4 thoughts on “vintage Palladin Playing cards

  1. I have 2 decks in original box. Friends never wanted to play with them because they were distracting. I love looking at them.

    • Hi Beverly. Thank you for your comment. I like the images as well. Not sure if there is a fortune telling system attached to this deck but it would certainly be a welcome addition to the world of cartomancy. Seaqueen

  2. Hi – I am the artist – Laura Sutherland. I did some fortune telling at a crafts fair with this deck of cards, although they were not intended as fortune telling cards. There were two editions of this deck. The first edition was called Sutherland-Brown Playing Cards and the cards were pretty crude as they were cut by a round corner machine – that was in 1977. The second edition was printed a few years later and in a slightly larger edition – -Palladin Playing Cards – which is what you have. They were manufactured by a regulation card printing company so the decks were cut as a whole deck by a machine and they are the proper size, etc. I’m glad you like them! I also sold the Palladin Playing Cards through the New Yorker magazine in the 1980s

    • Hi Laura,
      Thank you for your comment and the additional information. It is much appreciated. Just out of curiosity which system did you use when you told fortunes with this deck. I like the art work very much and had always wished there was a short guide for telling fortunes. I will be sure to add the extra information to a special update post and will quote you. Thanks again. Madame Seaqueen.

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