continuing with the Tarots of the Orient analysis

short update: 6 of Diamonds (car image) suggesting bad luck. My vehicle will have to be towed tomorrow (Monday – #2 Priestess to the right of Significator card) because a full service was not done yesterday involving liquid top ups with an oil change. There was no liquid in the radiator at all.

I decided to redo the Tarots of the Orient© layout because I noticed many suits were in sequence. This is mainly due to me clearing the deck. When I clear a vintage/antique deck which I do not own originally I put all the cards in order.

I’ve taken a picture of the whole layout which I will definitely not be interpreting because of it’s length.  I zoomed into the core cards surrounding the Empress to give you an idea of the process of interpretation. Some of the interpretation may be incomplete as there are rows above and rows below which should be factored.

There is an orange thimble on the Empress. She is the center (row D) of the reading. Row C and row E which have 13 minor cards are laid out in such a way that there are almost 3 cards above and below the Empress card. As I said in previous posts you need a large space to do this layout and you need a lot of time to study the cards.  I wouldn’t even attempt to do this layout for someone else unless they wanted to be involved in a “test run reading”.

Tarots of the Orient
The center of the layout (horizontal row 4) features the Empress which is the female Significator card. See other post for more instruction —->here.


17 THE STAR. September. Wide red border facing Empress means a positive influence more at a distance even though these two cards are side by side. I am tempted to read The Star in the past because it is behind the Empress.

“Today’s sacrifices will bring reward when near cards.”


2 PRIESTESS. Monday. Wide red border is next to the Empress similar meaning as with the Star in regards to near and distant influences.

“Cards below relate light love affair. Cards above tell of deep loves”.


JACK SPADES. #75. Image – red rose.

“Nearness to you indicates your love of associate at present”.

3 HEARTS. #24. Image – book on luck.

“Right side of you, next to card #68 or #71 secret enemy or foolish love”.

4 HEARTS.#25. Image – turned on lamp.

“Within three cards of you good sign. Near #32 or #33 go ahead with plans”.


9 DIAMONDS. #44. Image – arrow pointing to the left, little girl playing xylophone

“Arrow towards you, children in future, or new dear friend”.

10 SPADES. #73. Image – top part of man sitting in chair.

“Near you good health. Distance controls illness”.

ACE DIAMONDS. #36. Image – a coin.

“Next to #43 bad trip. Near #58 money by labor. Near #27 poor investment”.

SUMMARY: So far, the 3 cards above the Empress suggest the love of a person close to me but I can’t tell if this is foolish, lol, because the central card is neither to the left or right of the Empress or near #68 or 71. The 3 cards below the Empress hint at good health (10 spades). The arrow doesn’t point towards me so I’m not going to have more children (lol) and the Ace Diamonds is not applicable so far….but it could be significant with the card to the right of it or above and below row.

The Major Arcana Star card is the month of September which has already passed but because there is a wide red border facing the Empress I should read this to mean September 2013.  The instructions do not have any examples at all how to interpret the cards only on how to do the layout. You are supposed to use your intuition.  My intuition tells me the Star card is in the past and all the events to the left of the Empress have probably happened. I can only back up this statement by going through each card to see if indeed it all has happened. A project for another day.

The Major Arcana Priestess speaks of a “Monday”.  The 9 Hearts (image house) is above this card indicating a wish. 

The 6 Diamonds (car image) underneath the Priestess is a bad luck card.   

Learning new systems take years to master. I probably wouldn’t go to any great length to master this system because all the meanings are written on the cards. My girlfriend won’t mind experimenting and she would get involved in helping to locate combinations. It’s more fun that way.

That’s it for this system many others to write about.

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