Gypsy Oracle SERVICE card

Before I continue with the last post on the Tarots of the Orient brief interpretations I wanted to write about the Gypsy Oracle Cards (Oraculo del la Gitana / Sibilla della Zingara / Sibylle del la Bohemienne).

I have the enormous task of categorizing my metaphysical (books, cards, sets) library. I started an Excel sheet in about half a dozen categories with the hopes that I can monitor what I have because I don’t really remember, lol. Some decks I gave away foolishly or traded them which are now out of print. I’m sure we have all done that.

I have 2 decks of the Gypsy Oracle Cards. Both decks published by Lo Scarabeo in Europe.  The actual cards are the same in both decks but the backs are different as you will see in the image below.

If you are familiar with the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck you will notice the back of the top deck in the image is the Fortune card. You’ll notice in Fortune card link my Zigeuner deck is 4 languages (highly collectible). The back of the bottom deck is quite different but pretty just the same.

I randomly pulled one card just for fun to see what I would get.  

I pulled the SERVICE card.  Purchase from Lo Scarabeo.

Is this card telling me to get off the computer & do some work?   🙂  

SERVICE card:  “Can I be of service to you?”  The gentleman in the image is opening the door of the coach in preparation of someone coming out or someone going in.  He is finely dressed.  To serve someone is an honour, however, these days providing a service is “work”.

In a Reading:

The Service card does represent work.  I think you’ll need to use a little of elbow grease or back power for this type of work. I doubt it suggests sitting at a desk staring at a computer.  This work is in the blue-collar category. What is blue-collar?  Wikipedia’s definition —–> here.

The great thing about this card is that you will find out areas in which you actually need work done.  Relationships need work as well.  Work is an effort. Work is a plan of action. Work is acting on your ideas.  Work is washing the dishes.

When you see this card as a daily draw you will be involved with tasks. Running errands, calling a repair person and so on.  When asking a specific question and the Service card is the outcome the answer is yes but not as fast as you had hoped. You may need help from someone else to get the job done.

2 thoughts on “Gypsy Oracle SERVICE card

  1. Hi,

    There is a way to clean the tarot oracle? Gypsy way, I mean. Here in Puerto Rico are a lot of different ways…

    Tks to you for this site

    • Hi: Thanks for your comment. To cleanse the Tarot oracle simply put the cards in order starting with the Major Arcana 0 Fool -21 World, proceed with the Wands Ace through King, followed by Cups, Swords and lastly the Pentacles. The reason for the order of the Minor arcana is because the spring (Wands) is the beginning, then summer (Cups), fall/autumn (Swords) and to complete the astrological year Pentacles. As far as Gypsy methods I have known people to shuffle the cards and blow into them while thinking “I cleanse thee to be pure”. What do you practice in Puerto Rico? Seaqueen

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