Gipsy cards can give spot on answers

I spoke to my girlfriend earlier and she informed me she was in a vehicle mishap last night. Luckily she was not hurt badly. She was wondering if they were going to write off her car or if the insurance company would fix it.

I asked the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten cards the question mainly because I wanted to see how they would answer such a question. You may find with certain decks you do not get a straight answer.

The 3 cards I drew were JEALOUSY, THIEF and FORTUNE.


I didn’t assign meanings to any of the 3 positions in this little layout.

JEALOUSY:  A very interesting card to interpret with such a question.  If you stop and think about it when someone takes something away from you it is a form of jealousy.  It’s plain old resentment from someone else’s wrongdoing.

Green eyed monster. Wanting that which is not yours. Envy. (partial meaning for my Gipsy cards handbook)

THIEF: This card could represent a ‘rip off’ insofar as the vehicle probably could get repaired but because of it’s age they probably will want to junk it. Keeping someone’s property is a form of theft. My girlfriend was a victim of an accident and her vehicle was towed away to a holding location. The vehicle is her property.

This card signifies all that is stolen – does not have to be physically taken. Theft goes on all the time. Spending time with someone who drains you is a form of theft. They are stealing your peace of mind. When this card is next to the ENEMY there is a warning not to be careless with your valuables. (partial meaning from my Gipsy cards handbook)

FORTUNE:  The last card is a good omen for my girlfriend to be receiving a bit of cash out of this whole thing. It certainly will not be enough to buy even a good used car. Within this card is a blessing.

In the image the thief looks away from the lady in the Fortune card and she is facing towards the right. There will be cut and dry decision in this matter.

Give praise for all your abundance. Lucky streak. Your dreams come true. (partial meaning from my Gipsy cards handbook)

With the Zigeuner (Gipsy cards) Wahrsagekarten deck you have to look deep sometimes to find information to give a decent answer to a question.  

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