More on the Tarots of the Orient deck

I cleared off my round coffee table to do the 73 card layout and took some pictures which are below.  I forgot to mention in the last post that some cards have wide (more future events) and narrow (current influences) borders. The black borders of the cards are more intense in meaning than the red. I suppose this means black is negative. Some cards have both red and black borders.

I really love this deck. Each card also has a circled number in the right hand corner. Some of these numbers are mentioned on certain cards if there is a combination meaning. How cool is that. The card stock is very thick. In the 1960’s many decks were hand cut without the glossy coating. This makes shuffling a little more challenging but it can be done nice and slowly.

This deck is labelled Tarot because there are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minors. The Minors have suits such as hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades versus cups, pentacles, wands and swords.  The images on this deck are simple and to the point. Another feature I really like. I find the more extravagant images don’t resonate with me psychically but that’s just me. Maybe you prefer elaborate scenes on a card.

Take a look at the image below at the enormous amount of cards to read. I kept the Empress (my Significator card) upright in a vertical position in the 4th “D” row so you could see it. I had to stand on my tiptoes to get all the cards in the image, lol.

It’ll take me hours upon hours to complete this reading but I will because I want to test the accuracy. I suspect they will give some astounding predictions.

Tarots of the Orient deck.

The 2 cards which are removed can be seen in the image below.

The 2 cards

The image below displays the closest cards to the Empress. Since I am not viewing the actual cards on the coffee table right now I won’t be able to interpret the meanings. So I will continue with that in the next post.

Left of Significator: Justice card horizontally. Notice both the red and black wide border on the top of this card. The bottom is more narrow which faces the Empress signifying something nearby.  If this were a Lenormand layout this card would be part of the past.  I have to study what it says on this card before I can interpret it. Right now I can’t make it out from the image.

Right of Significator: our good friend the Devil which has Wednesday written on it. The black border faces the Empress, however since it is wide it would be a more future event.

The horizontal cards are read in conjunction with the row above and below them. That means 7 Majors are blended with the 13 Minors which include the combinations with the circled numbers, the actual meaning of the card and the red/black wide/narrow borders.  That’s a bucket full of meanings.

Above: 5 diamonds, 8 clubs, 5 clubs, 9 hearts, Ace spades.  Don’t forget there are 13 cards in this row.

Below: Ace hearts, 3 hearts, 4 hearts, 5 hearts, 6 hearts. Weird eh. This row has 13 cards as well in total.

I have more close up images which I will upload tomorrow with a brief explanation on how to interpret the cards according to the messages on the actual cards.

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