Mystic Cross Layout interpretation (part2)

I had a specific question in mind when I shuffled the Shustah© cards. I shouldn’t really ask but the question is about a test my 10 month old granddaughter will be receiving in a few weeks.  I’m not certain if I will get the same guidance because I did not follow Ann Manser’s (accompanying book author) instructions about doing the Horoscope wheel first.  The Mystic Cross is the summary of the Horoscope wheel reading.

When turning the cards face up the order of card 1 and 2 changes. Also, card 5 replaces card 6 and vice versa. In other words the Mystic Cross is turned left to right with cards 3 (above) and 4 (below) remaining the same.

Thank goodness for that because it would have really upset me if the Red Death card was card 6 (far right).

CARD 1: (center) horizontal Red Sacred Mushroom

This spot reveals the any problems to my question. Red card suggest troubles. The degree of trouble is determined by the card. In this case, the Sacred Mushrooms speak of the psychic exchange. What does that mean? I find with the Shustah deck that there are cards which tell you to mind your own business if you are not supposed to know the answer. Am I getting a warning not to ask this question?

CARD 2: (crossing) vertical Black Aquarius.

This spot tells you whether or not the situation will be handled or worked out. The Astrological sign of Aquarius can point to the time frame from Jan 20 – Feb 20. I’m not sure if that means something yet. One of the characteristics of this sign is sudden unexpected change.  In Manser’s book she states the Magical Image category to mean, “eye of the hurricane”. The eye is the calmest part.

CARD 3: (above) Green Unicorn

This spot shows external influences which can help or hinder the situation. In my experience, I have seen the Unicorn card to mean different things with different questions. One of the meanings is uncontrolled force. Would this force help or hinder? Since it is a green card depicting development, growth and progress there should be good external influences. The only thing I’m worried about is development and growth of what?

CARD 4: (below) Black Card of Self.

Here we find what has been conquered in relation to the situation. Since I asked the question the Card of Self  is speaking to me. The feeling I get from this card is that whatever will be will be because something needs to be worked out. It is part of evolvement….a process.

CARD 5: (left) Red Death

This spot reveals the past or the circumstances which lead to the question. I always cringe a bit when I see this card not because of the image but because of it’s meaning. It is a card of termination. It falls in the past. The advice of this card is to understand nature cycles. There was an incident around my birthday this year which sent Katja off in an ambulance. It was a near death experience due to some severe acid reflux. She was not even 3 months old.  I don’t know if there is a connection. Still need to meditate on this one.

CARD 6: (right) Yellow Card of Secrets

The final outcome or result. I have gotten the Yellow Labyrinth once before when asking the same question in a 3 card draw. Yellow is a good color, however, this card speaks of secrets. Timing is important. Will something be discovered which was not anticipated. I sure hope not. This card also advises to change one’s perspective. Are the cards telling me to stop thinking the worst and to focus on the positive. Where’s the secret in that?

If you have any Shustah insights please don’t hesitate to share.

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