Evil Eye. Good Eye.

Many of you have heard of the Evil Eye. Let’s call it the E-eye.  It is the Energy associated with someone else’s intention when they make a comment cloaked in envy. Have you ever gone to a gaming facility and someone wishes you good luck? Save your money you won’t win.  They really don’t want you to win. How to break this energy in this specific situation. Go for a walk and visualize a protective shield around yourself. Commence enjoying yourself only after you re-center.       🙂

How many times has someone stated they like something of yours only to have that item damaged or lost within a short time? Think about it.  Lots.  If the person is of pure heart you won’t have any problems.  Unfortunately, envy is a deep-rooted negative emotion which often is not even recognized by the person who is involved.   Always put a protective white light around what you value be it an item or a person.

I once had a Jon Anton fortune-telling cup & saucer  which was really admired by someone.  Actually, I offered it to the woman as a gift because deep down inside I knew what the outcome would most likely be.

She did decline my offer.  A week later I found the cup shattered. It fell off my bookcase (mysteriously).  Even though she was an outwardly nice person was she all that nice inwardly?  I really think  some people don’t even know themselves.

My 22 month old grandson is starting to talk now. He can say E-Eye as I have many hanging in my house. ha-ha.  I also told him it was good luck. I have a large painting of a black panther which I tell him is good luck, too and it is.  I have to laugh because my grandson meows in a much lower tone when he looks at the black panther. When he sees a cat in one of his books he meows in a higher pitch.   I learn so much from them and they will learn “stuff” from granny Seaqueen.

My granddaughter will almost be 10 months old and I swear to god she sees my mom & dad.  Sometimes she just chuckles and kicks her legs as if someone was tickling her. She get fixated on a spot on the ceiling and has me looking at it.  Sometimes I think I hear dad’s laughter & mom’s giggles or maybe this is wishful thinking that I want to hear them. Well, that little story has nothing to do with the E-Eye or does it?  Babies can see what we don’t see.

I always keep an Evil Eye pendant in my purse or actually wear a petite one around my neck. If you want to read what someone else thinks about the Evil Eye, click on the following Google Books link.   GOOGLE BOOKS.  I love searching through Google Books. You can find topics on just about every possible interest you have and locate very useful information.  GOOGLE IMAGES will display all kinds of pictures of Evil Eyes. Notice all the blue ones like the image to the side of this post. Is there a significance in the color “blue”? Click the following link to view.  GOOGLE IMAGES

I have a fairly large collection of jewelry with the E-eye.  People just stare at me when I wear some of these finely crafted necklaces.  Often I notice they cannot look me right in the eye.  Does that tell you something?  Being brought up in Eastern European superstitions … you bet. Rest assured, though, what goes around comes around.  Always be mindful which in these days is a challenge because we tend to fly of the emotional handle more often than not. Never wish anyone ill thoughts no matter what they have done or what they have.  Send them loving healing energy.

Do YOU believe in the Evil Eye?  

Evil Eye? Good Eye?

3 thoughts on “Evil Eye. Good Eye.

  1. such an interesting article..about 6-7 years ago I received as gift a Nazar from a turkish friend..I hung it on my desk lamp but I never knew what means all those blue-black beads that seems like an eyes..after reading your article,I wear it in my purse all the time 😉

  2. Here in Greece, we most totally believe in evil eye! When someone looks at us or our belongings with envy it is very possible that we call someone who knows how to get rid of the evil eye (with some kind of prayer or lyrics)using our name.I just came from a wedding full with evil eye energy and called my mother to get rid of the evil eye from me!

  3. A great book on the basics of spiritual cleansing was written by Draja Mikharik ( a now 80-something year old Serbian spiritual worker):

    lots of good basic stuff in the book, including ways to remove the evil eye , one of which invlves bathing in beer (with appropriate prayers etc). IT can be a nasty place out there spiritually, and if you are sensitive to spiritual energies but don’t have ways in which to protect or clean yourself, things can go very bad.

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