Grief: Tarot 5 of Cups & Widower

I’ve been reading some of the blogs from other Cartomancers & have noticed there is a hush between postings. Yes, sometimes Life gives us other directions which require our Energy and our blog posts become less and less. Blogging is a regular commitment and sometimes you just don’t have the time.  I have had my share of twists & turns over the past 2 years.  

The Anniversary of my father’s death is fast approaching. I am re-living the final days of his life, again.  A journey I shared with him. It was tough to watch my father leave this Earthly plane. I know many of you don’t know what it is like to watch someone in their dying process. It is very sad & it rips you apart because there is nothing you can do about it!!  I was very close to my father.

Rest in peace Dad

I think it is appropriate to write the following article which I am sure will reach many of you that have lost a loved one. Or maybe you are cross referencing different decks like the Tarot and Sibilla style cards.

Today’s post is based on a question from Lorraine in the comments section. It is a very good question and I want to share with you my own perception on a few possibilities as an answer. Also, it is my way of self-healing by looking at my own grief.  I won’t focus on the Widower all that much as my last post was about that card. I want to compare the 5 of Cups to the Widower.

Can Madame Seaqueen write about anything else? Of course.  With at least 2 dozen other vintage decks sitting on my coffee table & another dozen antique books on Tarot/Cartomancy you bet I have more to write about.  It’s coming …..

From Lorraine in comments section, “could the widower has the similiar meaning in a way to the five of cups”

          Gipsy Widower

……………There is quite a similarity between these 2 cards. Both individuals are cloaked in black. The 5 of Cups person is staring at the 3 overturned cups & the Widower is in a staring stance by the monument.  The focus in both cards is on what has been lost.

In the 5 of Cups you do get the sense there is something left over in the remaining 2 cups which are not overturned. In some decks it looks like these 2 cups are full and in other Tarot decks the cups are empty ready to be filled.  The person is experiencing a loss but not a total loss.

The 5 cups can represent the 5 stages of grief.

The Widower does not have 2 cups or anything resembling there is something left over from his experience. His only way out is through the cemetery exit. Notice the way he is holding onto his hat.  It is a custom to take one’s hat off in respect (a custom not shared much these days). Notice how unkept the area is surrounding the Widower. It is apparent the person has been deceased for quite some time.

The Widower has gone through the 5 stages of grief … but is repeating them.

Believe it or not getting stuck in grief is a comfort zone. There is fear involved when entering a new phase in your life. It’s easier to hold on to those aspects of yourself from the past. By releasing them you change and change is sometimes feared especially when it involves your personality. Each experience teaches us something.

“How are you dealing with your personal grief?”

2 thoughts on “Grief: Tarot 5 of Cups & Widower

  1. Beautiful post and my condolences. I have thought back to grieving moments in my life and after a little while of grieving, I always get this feeling that the people that passed on are fine and they are also kind of still here and that they don’t want me to grief forever and that we will meet again. At that point I always feel a happy connectedness and any grieving falls away.

  2. thank you so much for your explanation and comparisson of the two cards. I appreciate each time you reply to my questions . I’m sorry for the loss of your father. I totally understand as I have also watched my dad in his dying process. Not easy I know.

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