gipsy cards speak volumes. The Widower.

Reading the Gipsy cards (Zigeuner) doesn’t need to be difficult or discouraging. One of the things you need to remember is that this deck is image based. You don’t have to shy away from reading these cards.

Of course it would make it easier if someone spelled out the meanings for you just so that you don’t have to use your own creative process. I really think that some people overcomplicate the reading process by bombarding so much information that one gets confused and gives up.

Keep it simple. Get to know your cards. How do you get to know the gipsy cards? They aren’t even numbered for easy reference. I have a b/w deck which is numbered that my Slovenian aunt sent me back in the early 1970’s although I think they are dated earlier than that.

Pick one card at random to study it.  What feeling do you get from the scene on the cards? Do you feel happy, apprehensive, sad or neutral?

Gipsy WidowerLet’s take the Widower card and study it.  Here we see a gentleman dressed in black with his head slight bent standing in front of a monument.  He doesn’t look like he is ready to leave yet and could be thinking about some experience he shared with  the loved one he has lost.  Looking at this card I can feel his grief. He is in the midst of it and hasn’t let go yet. But how long has he held on?  The loyalty is obvious. 

The Widower signifies all that which is associated with being a “widower”. When you read this card in a layout don’t expect a fast result to your question. Don’t expect someone to leave a relationship just because you are ready to move forward with them. He is still tied to the past memories. He would most likely feel guilty.

The widower male stands on the left side of the card facing to the right. He is nowhere near completing his visit or he would be partially turned. The Widower is paying his respects. He could have been coming to cemetery for years and years or this is his first time. What do you think?  You can gain other information from the image if you meditate on it.

Does the Widower always represent a male? Yes, however, if you are asking a question which is not gender related the Widower suggests the situation is “stuck”.

5 thoughts on “gipsy cards speak volumes. The Widower.

  1. Hi madame Seaqueen.

    Thanks for this post about the Gipsy cards. Your observations about not ready yet and feeling guilty makes very good sense regarding this card. I do think the widower is getting ready to move on but he still feels attached.


    • Hello: Thanks for your question. Do you ever shop on Ebay. This deck is listed for under $30 including shipping (depending where you are located). Let me know if you were successful in finding one. ALSO try HERE the deck is $26. Seaqueen

    • Hi Lorraine: That is a very good observation. The Widower is similar to the 5 of cups in that the focus is what is lost. Both individuals in the cards are holding on to grief of “what was” and neither seems to interested in moving on. In the Rider deck the individual is facing towards the cups which are not full which could be similar to the Widower facing the monument. I experienced the grief of the 5 of Cups when my mother died and many people experience grief when they lose jobs, pets or even relocations. Am I the Widower currently? Yes, because I am holding on to “what was”. If I was the Widow then I would have gone through the 5 stages of grief which by the way is depicted in the 5 of Cups. I am going to do a post on these 2 cards and mention that “Lorraine” asked the question. Hope that helps. All the best. Seaqueen

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