Pleasure Seekers gypsy oracle card

I have had a request (for Lorraine)  to expand on the meanings of the Pleasure Seekers card found in some Sibilla style oracle decks in particular the Gypsy Oracle Cards (Sibilla della Zingara / Zigeuner Orakelkarten).

This is a fun card.  The 3 men are looking for a good time. Sibilla della ZingaraThey look like they have had some vino and are engaged in a song beckoning anyone to join them in celebrating.  What they are celebrating could just be a good mood.

This type of celebrating is a little different from what you find in the Cheerfulness card. You can seek to have a good time for a specific event (social function) or just plain old joking around.  The people are dare-devils taking chances for the sake of a ‘buzz’ or adrenalin rush.  People who have everything and are looking for new challenges with a fun attitude. A type of prankster group.

Study the cards surrounding this card and you can gain more knowledge on what these chaps are up to.  Of course, it doesn’t have to be males it can be a group of females as well.

For example:

-near the Child card it can be a baby shower which was a total surprise as in surprise conception

-near the Sorrow card it can be a cheering up committee of friends

-near the Cheerfulness card  it can indicate a group of people within a party situation who are having their own party. They might be enticing others to do things which they normally wouldn’t … like dance on the table … lol.

One thought on “Pleasure Seekers gypsy oracle card

  1. Thank you so very much for explaining this cardé I only always felt it was a bunch of little

    thanks again 🙂

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