Tarot Magician manifesting meditation

The following meditation was created to use when you need a little extra help towards a goal.

Meditation preparation:

You can select the Magician card from your Tarot deck and look at it while you meditate. (I am using the traditional Rider Magician card) If you can recreate the image of the Magician card you can begin your meditation.

Take a few seconds to familiarize yourself with all the sensations of being in your physical body. And relax. Locate the silence within and proceed.

Imagine you are beginning to walk  a little further into the garden which is in front of you.  Look over to the left side of the garden,  there is a man beckoning you.  You are perfectly safe… keep going forward to meet him.   What is he saying?……..

Notice how he is dressed like a Magician with a bright white gown covered in a red cloak.  His right hand  is pointing to the heavens and the left hand to the ground.  He is chanting.

Concentrate on something you wish to accomplish. Move a little closer so you can hear him.   The Magician  has gifts for you.  Extend your hands to receive these gifts.  Relax, breathe slowly, in and out, in and out.

You will receive 4 gifts.

The Cup is to remind you that you will learn how to feel your emotions with any goal you set.

The Sword blesses you with the ability to think and to process information.

The Wand will encourage you to apply energy and to act on your goals.

And finally the Pentacle will show you the results you can manifest.

Breathe in nice and slow and exhale.  As you exhale thank the Magician for his gifts of manifestation.

Put these gifts in your heart.  As you turn around and walk away feel the power of confidence.

Some people dwell too hard on manifesting. When your intention is clear and from your heart release it into the Universe and forget about it.  Soon you will meet up with the right people and situations. The Universe sends you clues to help you reach your goals. You just need to recognize the ‘synchronicities’ when they start to occur.  It could be a chance meeting, a book, return of an old friend, locating a special item and so on.  Stay open. You cannot force the hand of the Universe.

3 thoughts on “Tarot Magician manifesting meditation

  1. hello, i was hoping you could help me. I have the czech oracle deck. I’m not familiar with the meanings of the cards. Please, I ask if you know the meanings please let me know.I really want to use this deck. also there is a card in the sibilla deck that is called *pleasure seekers* could you expain what this card means? thank you so muchlorraine Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 04:08:06 +0000 To: lorraine_b48@hotmail.com

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