Cartomancy Content Plagiarism

Here we are in the month of September already. Hope everyone had a safe and happy summer.

In today’s post I would like to address plagiarism. In Cartomancy we all build upon each other’s work.  There are some meanings of cards that can be re-worded with back up personal examples. When you find your original ideas on an entire deck of cards on someone else’s website claiming ownership of the work you have done this is a form of plagiarism.

We all offer free information for others to learn, share and build upon. When you take credit for someone else’s work especially when you discover it word for word on another website this, in my opinion, is not good Cartomancy ETHICS.  A link back to an original post or a brief notation citing the author is good Cartomancy ETHICS.

My ideas, findings and practical Cartomancy experiences are original and I share them with you to help you learn or to trigger your own imagination.

Happy Cartomancy.  Madame Seaqueen.

Note: I have changed the title of this post to Cartomancy Content Plagiarism as this blog deals primarily with Cartomancy, however, it applies to any content which is yours on your website/blog.

Please share your thoughts on Cartomancy Plagiarism in the Comments Section.

2 thoughts on “Cartomancy Content Plagiarism

  1. Good post. I feel strongly about this one. I have found several of my articles on other websites. Someone told me that In a way it’s a compliment.However, I asked the owners of the website to write my copyright data on the pages and to make a clickable link to my site. Which they all did. But, if someone doesn’t respond to such a request and in effect still pretends to be the writer of the article, you can report it to Google. I think cartomancy ethics has nothing to do with it, in the way that cartomancy is not involved here. It’s not good ethics to take someone elses hard work and try to get the credit for it. Hope you got your situation resolved.

    • Thank you for your comment. I have not approached the website where I found my meanings for an entire deck of cards. There are other sites as well. Yes I suppose you are right it is not Cartomancy ethics in the sense cartomancy means to read cards but it is loosely related, lol. I wanted to share my thoughts in a blog post about this rise of content theft because I think it is increasing with bloggers. It takes a lot of work to maintain a blog (or website) with fresh original posts and sometimes people get lazy or run out of ideas and copy other people’s content. Just out of curiosity what would Google do? Seaqueen.

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