reading for Tina C: using Lenormand cards

It seems many people are in the midst of career changes. Often upgrading is involved or taking additional courses which are added to one’s resume.

The following 3 card reading is for Tina C.  I used the Lenormand cards to see what they would reveal.  Tina C’s question does involve taking a course with the hopes of it leading to work in that field.

The positions of the 3 cards are the same as the previous post on the Shustah cards.  To date Lady V has not heard anything about the contract she applied for and part of the reason is she had to wait almost 3 weeks before the job posting became available.  

At first glance I felt very good vibes with the 3 Lenormand cards which I chose on behalf of Tina C.

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Position 1: The first card represents a reason the question is asked. 

HEART:  there is a strong emotional desire to do what it takes to get into a competitive field.  This card indicates Tina would do very well if she upgraded or take the course which was on her mind at the time of submitting the question to me.

Position 2: The second card represents the situation. It is similar to the crossing card in the Tarot celtic cross. Here you will find cards which are positive or negative in nature. When the card is negative there is a challenge around the question/answer. If it is positive probabilities are good but the final card will determine the result.

BOOK:  how interesting that this card falls in the 2nd position.  One of the meanings suggests that there is more information to be revealed in the near future about her course/job direction.  I see the Book card as positive energy because it is surrounded by 2 positive cards. The Book also suggests learning. When coupled with the Heart card Tina will be studying a topic she will really enjoy.

Position 3: The last card represents the result, outcome or answer in relation to the question.

RIDER: does this last card indicate a yes or no? Not really, however it does suggest Tina is moving in the right direction.  I think she will be offered a position related to her course and I sense that she may have to relocate at some point. Not sure when, though.  The relocation could be the place of study as well.

There are no money cards to indicate there will be any increases in the immediate future but the cards are all positive in her pondering a particular course.  I think the last card would have been negative energy if there was absolutely no hope of landing a job related to that course.  At this point in the reading I would encourage further upgrading.

7 thoughts on “reading for Tina C: using Lenormand cards

  1. Thank you so much, I’m actually waiting to see if i have a chance of doing the course as it might not be available in my state by correspondence.

    • Hi Lorraine:
      Thanks for your comment. As you know the Sibilla fortune telling cards are dubbed gossip cards. What this means is they reflect everyday things occurring in people’s lives. I will do a post on this card over the next few days. Seaqueen

  2. Hi Madame Seaquee,
    I’m new to this, so I’m wondering if there is a place I can post my question? Do you entertain request for a free lenormand reading?

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