Job question for Shustah cards

UPDATE:  SEPT 14, 2012.  Sad to say but Veronica was not called for an interview. She found out via an ex co-worker that there were other called in for interviews.  I hope she doesn’t take it too hard because she had her heart set on returning to her former office. 

I use the Shustah© deck quite often to ask questions. A regular client, Veronica was wondering if she would land a contract position for a job she once held a few years ago.

This lady has not been able to secure full-time employment but does get contract work.  Since I used the Shustah© cards  before in many of her readings with high accuracy results I decided to do a 3 card layout.


Position 1: The first card represents a reason the question is asked. 

YELLOW COINS. This card is all about financial increase. Veronica is not currently working and this contract position would help her out with a regular pay check even if it is only a 6 month contract position.

Position 2: The second card represents the situation. It is similar to the crossing card in the Tarot celtic cross. Here you will find cards which are positive or negative in nature. When the card is negative there is a challenge around the question/answer. If it is positive probabilities are good but the final card will determine the result.

BLUE STARS. The potential of her wishes being realized looks very promising. The first two cards are really in her favour for being offered this contract position.

Position 3: The last card represents the result, outcome or answer in relation to the question.

RED DEATH. I never like seeing this card as an answer or in any of the spots. The energy is quite powerful and being a red card it predicts major obstacles to achieving goals.  This card prevents the twinkling of the Stars (card 2) and minimizes or ends any possibility of increase depicted in Coins (card 1).

The last card is negative in this case and suggests some sort of ending. Coupled with the Stars card it will be an ending to her wishes.Veronica wants this contract real bad.  Most likely the contract will not be offered to her for some reason which is not revealed in these three cards.  She is qualified and got along with all the staff when she worked there several years back.


That’s the way the cards look for now. I have found over the years that when people ask specific questions there is always the element of surprise.  For example, Veronica could decline the offer for some reason.

Red Death is a card of termination.  Another way to look at this is the contract position could be given to an internal employee and pulled off the job posting completely.   It will be interesting to see what happens.

5 thoughts on “Job question for Shustah cards

  1. Hi I would love to ask a question as well if possible.

    There is something I need to know. If I do a course for bookkeeping will I be successful in getting clients and making money once finished or will I waist my money on the course?

    This has been in my mind for some time as now I work 2 jobs to get by and am getting very tired.

    If there is payment needed I will be happy too.

    Thank you Tina

    • Hi Nelly: Thanks for your comment. So far Veronica has not decided to post for the job. I will do an update post when I find out. The Shustah deck is an excellent working deck. Sometimes it’s available on ebay. Happy Cartomancy. Seaqueen

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